Can't believe it - Day 40 Already

Good Morning Everyone

Well I have reached Day 40 which is quite a shock cos to be honest when I began this journey I really didn't think long term, just one day at a time.

Thank you Everyone for all of your support

I wouldn't have made it without yous all.

Have a great day!


5 Replies

  • Well done Poppy - its amazing that once you get the first few weeks behind you, the days and weeks fly by!!

    You've done so well!!!

  • Congratulations PoppyFairy!

    Should we be celebrating with a quickie now? :D

  • Diablo

    What sort of quickie did you have in mind??

    Do tell!!


    Well you're lying down, rolling around.. sounds like a good start! Not sure about the laughing though (can you see from where you are?)

    A friend of mine (yeah, it's always a 'friend' isn't it) used to claim the world's fastest quickie : "It won't hurt, did it?"

    ...probably a bit too quick though, even by my standards! :o

  • Really? Best change who 'does you'. The young lady who waxes me is slow and gentle.....

  • Well done dont you think you need to change

    Quit day: 17th August 2007 - Day 29 today

    Time: 12.40pm

    Method: Cold Chicken

    Smoked: On average 5 cigs per day for 7 years


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