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No Smoking Day
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Can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe I am back in day one but hey ho..........

Nobody to blame but myself.............if anyone is thinking of trying just one dont bother. It tated like shit and made me dizzy.............but taught me a very valuable lesson..........NO MORE :)

This time I will get past my month clean..........

I'm back to reclaim my name :D

Carol (CTC)


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Well done for coming straight back!

Don't be disheartened at all about being at Day 1 again - this is the most important day! Without day 1 there wouldn't be day 2, day 3 etc etc!

You have learnt from your mistake and you now know that the evil nico-demon is always lying in wait for you to attack you when you are at your most vunerable.

It is always worth giving it another go at quitting - you are worth it!!

Keep posting.

Nicki x


hello newbie

Welcome back, you have to remember nobody is to blame the nico monster is well strong.

We all know you can do it, i have just had my first white wine since this quit (day 5) and OMG do i feel like a fag now:eek: but today i choose not to smoke, i am finding that quite hard to type nevermind do!

So i'm on quit 4 in 2 months and like somebody wiser than me said you only fail when u quit quitting (i will get a quote right one of these days).

So here is to day 1 and tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life, enjoy it.

If and when you need it we are all here.

Hugs and prayers.


If at first you don't succeed!

Yup - like the more experienced forum veterans (I'm just an enthusiastic first quit newbie hehe) said, don't worry! You're already a step ahead of all the smokers who want to give up and haven't committed to doing so yet.

Day One, Day Three, Week One, Month two. We're all on the same journey - just different seats on the same crazy roller coaster!

Here's to your making day two!


Well done for coming straight back - this time you will succeed ~xXx~


go for it caz ... is all i can say

I really think you have been really brave in a way ...

you came on here and admitted you folded and had a ciggy .. i dont think I could do that .. so well done and a great BIG well done for jumping straight back on the wagon

all the best




caz, you done well girl despite everything youre continuing the quit x look forward not back, look up not down

take care & a big good luck x


Hi Carol :D

Great you're back already well done

Not to be nasty but I'm so glad that fag made you dizzy and tasted awful as you were'nt tempted to carry on smoking

As you say you've learnt a valuable lesson

Remember everything you learnt along the way and forget the rest

The only way is up for you now and we're all here for you every step of the way


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Good morning one and all!

I too am back on day one after having too much to drink over the week end and letting temptation get the better of me!!

I was going to start my quit day again at the end of the week, give myself time and bla bla bla.. wrong idea!

And yesturday i was given a stick to use in order to beat away all cravings and temptaions by Jase! (I have named her my sponsor hahahaha!),so i'm back on track as from this morning!.

We will get it right this time,,, we learn by our mistakes and do better.

Well done to you all!! ;)



Good Morning

Yes I'm still here and 14hours smoke free............can't quite believe I gave in but in a way quite glad I did...........I know that sounds mental...........but I had been dreaming of 'just that one fag' for weeks and it was horrible...yuk so this time I know it aint worth thinking about.

A bit sad to be back to day 1 but it will make me stronger as I don't want to keep coming back to here.

Oh well onwards and upwards................still chasing you Gary just a bit of a bigger gap between us now :(

Yes Chrissie, dancing is a good idea.........just let me know when.

Thanks Marg that hug was needed.

Carol (CTC)



Hi Mimi :D

Welcome back and well done restarting your quit so quickly


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Thanks Marg, if i don't make it this time.... i will knock myself out with the golden stick that has been passed down to in order to save me!!!:D

How are you??

Speak soon .... Mimi


Caz & Mimi

Oh - you could so easily be me!

Well done both for putting it behind you and getting straight back on the horse!

Good luck for Day 2!:D


Mimi and Carol,

Both of you, although you both feel a sense of some disappointment at caving in , you can use this to strengthen you now. It would be very very easy to just say 'sod it' and carry on smoking for a while, but lets be brutally honest, you'd just be kidding yourself, and further delaying what you really need and want to do and thats quit. I've fell off this bike before in the past, and i think i was more gutted for not having pulled myself together and got right back to the agenda of quitting than actually for the falling off itself.

Don't make my mistake, today is very important to you, and i'm pretty proud of both of you to be honest for giving it another shot and with haste.

@ Mimi: Glad the stick is in good hands, i'll only correct you on one small detail however, the 'her' you referred to is a he.. thats me.. jase (short for jason). I am glad to see the stick is now in good hands, its only a mind thing as you well know, but nothing beats a craving more than creating that lovely mental visual of you beating the monster back with the stick.. and damned hard too :) Worked for me.. even at the worst of craving moments.. hope it continues on to help you too :)

So good luck to you, and indeed to any returners to day 1 if they've had a hiccup in their attempt to quit.. its where you go from here that matters, and we're all right behind you.

(((( big huge hugs to you ))))



Hiiiiii !!!!!! Jason ;)

I'm sorry for thinking you where a girly:o so now i know and thanks for your reply.

For the moment i'm feeling fine, just had a small desire to light up but that's because i have just had lunch...,

Back to work and try and think about that....work that is :eek:

Speak soon!

Mimi x


Thats the spirit, just see it for what it is.. just something you built into your daily routine, and when you reach that time in the day, you're getting that little unwanted reminder. STICK TIME! :)

I had the same thing on monday just after lunch, quite a big craving moment, but you just have to see it like its you.. or it. If you give into mr. McCraving, he's won, and you simply don't allow that... your stronger than that.. and thats why you have the stick. Beat Mr. McCraving to a pulp and go about your day :)

Good luck with the coming hours and indeed days.. we'll all be here, and i'll keep checking the early forums to see how your getting on.

Hang in there.



Yep, sticks! and lolly pops!. I think that tonight i will just eat, go to bed with a good book and try and sleep incase i think too much.

Last night, as i was finishing off the last of the backy,,,, i also had a few drinks as planned. It's just that i had rather alot of backy left so i kept pooring the wine!!! as we know, booze and cigg's go hand in hand. So, i went to bed a little tipsy....infact rather alot tipsy :) anyhow i think no drinks will be a good idea for tonight!.

Speak soon.



I'm a big fan of sleep to get through awkward hours. Just wish i could do the same at work.



Good to here from you again. Yes, you have had one or two interesting moments over the last couple of weeks culminating in a little blip, thats all it was

Nice to see that you have decided to keep going straight away, it's just what is needed.

The gap is a bit bigger now but does it really matter when we are both headed in the right direction. We can both do this buddy and I reckon you are now in a stronger position than I am, with what you have just experienced.

Remember you are strong and you will do this.



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