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I can't believe how hard day 2 is!

So when I woke on New Years day I thought...I can do this, I can do this! Seeing as though I only smoked 10 (secretly 15) a day then I clearly wasn't THAT addicted! I am now half way through day 2 and I dont think I have stopped twitching my feet under my desk for the past 6 hours!! I just dont know what to do with myself! I have joined this forum to hopefully make the quit a little easier, although I am not sure anything does make it easier but I want to do it this time, I need to do it this time!

Can anyone offer any sound advice?!


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Hi Ellie and welcome.

There's no getting round it, you are addicted (like all other smokers) and breaking that addiction is not necessarily a very easy thing to do.

Don't worry about it being tough, strange and maddening in the first few days. A lot of people experience this and it is to be expected.

However, it DOES GET EASIER. Take it step by step, hour by hour, and avoid thinking too far into the future (at the moment "tomorrow" is too far into the future!, just concentrate on today)

Keep posting - especially when you feel at your wits end.

You can do this, and we're all rooting for you.


Hi Elliemay

Congrats on your quit, the best choice you can make. Unfortunately 10 (15) a day is still addicted, you sound just about like everyone else here, myself included.

I can empathize with you to, the constant thinking of smoking, the always twitching and fidgeting, not knowing what to do with yourself.

A very wise decision to join the forum though, lots of people here to help, or try to, even if its just a listening ear for you. Remember everyone here has or is on the same journey, and we never want any fallers.

For me, Day 28 today, that's 4 weeks and no one is more surprised than me. Everyday that goes by gets that little bit easier, sure there are hard days, but the rewards are so great.

Please keep posting, the good and the bad, or read the threads on this forum, you may just find that little spark that you are looking for.



Hi Ellie :)

Well done on quitting! You sound like me with your 10 (15) thing 'cos I did that - yes you're still addicted *but* you can beat it and it does get easier the longer since your last fag.

Know exactly what you mean when it's all you can think about. Someone said it was like a stroppy teenager or a monster in your head *but* the longer you starve it by not smoking the weaker it gets. :)

Chewing sugar free gum, playing with a fidget toy and getting some fresh air helped me. Exercise too, when you're able to!

Best of all, post here, there's loads of really helpful people :D

Oh something else - whenever I beat a bad crave it gives me a bit of a natural high that I'd got through it, hopefully it will you too!

Good luck, you can do it!!

Gemma x



Thanks you so much for the kind words guys, It helps so much to know that people can get through this!

I really do believe it will get easier and I am genuinely happy to keep going but I am really struggling to do my job today! I can barely see my screen the withdrawals are that bad. It's all bright and blury?! Is this normal? I have quite a busy job which requires a lot of thought on my part and I am seriously struggling to keep up with it today :( should it be this bad?

I have polo's and gum and a stress ball but none of it seems to help...and its ONLY 10am!! Oh dear!

I am looking forward to the gym tonight!!!

Ellie x


Keep going!!

Keep going, I experienced all those symptoms yesterday but today I can type and can concentrate much better. Go for walks and take deep long breadths.

It will get easier, my day 3 is heaps better than at this point yesterday.


I'm now on day 3 & to be honest dont feel too bad at all, but i'm sure i will have bad times at some point!

Think it's because i made up my mind i really dont want to smoke anymore & strange as it may sound, i talk to my urges! i simply tell them to go away (perhaps not so politely haha).

I try to keep my mind busy & keep reminding myself how good i'm already starting to feel.

This site is so good for boosting your will-power & self esteem. We're all in this together, going through the same things & with each others genuine support we will succeed.

Take care & stay strong :)



Well done on getting to day 2.

Somewhere there is a post on this board on my day 2 and tbh it was the worst for me.

I was unable to concentrate, completely wired and generally well into the throes of withdrawal. I convinced myself that as a light smoker I wasn't really addicted. At the end of the day if you are a smoker you are addicted. End of.

On a positive note I got through and now into my 4th month of being smoke free.

Don't give up, this is the worst bit promise and being a non smoker is easier and less stressful in the long run.


Well done Ellie, you're doing superbly well!! :D

Hitting the gym is great for clearing the "fuzz" from your head. And as others have said, take deep breaths and get that air into your lungs!

I don't know whether it'll help, but I found taking five minutes out every hour or so to have a camomile tea really helped, and calmed me down a bit too :)


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