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Day 7 - Wow Can't believe it

Day 7 - Amazing. I have had my struggles but each day gets a bit easier. I went out last night where there were a lot of smokers and I have to say it was nice being able to be inside rather than outside where i would normally be, too cold out there. The worst times are the times when I associate the times I smoked with say an event etc that's when I need to be conscious of what I am doing and why I am doing it. Keeping busy and making sure I have gum, chuppa chups etc on me at all times. Walking most days which I will be doing shortly. Once again, thanks for support and good luck everyone. Will keep posting as I find this also helps.

God bless you all.

Annie D x

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Hi Annie :D

Well done on day 7 and the first week done and dusted, so pleased to hear it's getting a little easier for you with each day

Also well done for last night with a lot of smokers around that's a great trigger to get out of the way

You're right to be wary of those times you associate with having a fag but each time you get through one of them you get a little stronger and the easier it gets to beat them until one day you'll suddenly realise you haven't thought about a fag for days and then weeks


Marg xxxxxxx


Well done Annie.

Yes the more you don't smoke the easier and more normal it becomes!

Keep on keeping on ;)



Congratulations Annie you are able to talk in weeks already.

I wish you many more smoke-free weeks.



Hi Annie,

Well done on getting into your second week. It does get easier as time goes on, and it sounds like you are aware that those craves will still hit and are prepared for them. Well done you.

Stay strong.



Day 7 already, wow that is brilliant!! Now your counting in weeks and it does get easier each day!



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