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Can't quite believe it!


Well goodness me.

Today I have been quit for 8 weeks and 5 days :eek:

I have not smoked 1224 fags and saved just under £400 ;)

I have not come this far since I first joined this forum and am soooooo happy.

I do think about smoking sometimes but it is just a thought. I don't actually want one. At long last the fear over my increasingly worsening health has totally sunk in and I truly know and believe I cannot ever smoke again and have no wish to.

My breathing is far better but there are times when I still get a little breathless. I am glad that is there though because it is my constant reminder of why I am on this journey.

For all those just starting it is doable. Just believe in yourself and your strength and you CAN beat this.

Best wishes to all,

A very smiley neverstoptrying :D

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Hi NeverStopCrying

I just want to congratulate you for doing so well. I am only just on day 3 of my quit attempt but your post echoes all the reasons why I am determined to succeed this time and strengthens my incentive to stay strong.

Well done on your fantastic achievement:).


Great news G :D You smile away hun, you deserve to're doing great :)

I'm so happy for you Gaynor! I knew you'd get there.


x 10,000,000

What a great, positive, post!

Well done, Gaynor! :)

Awwwww well done Gaynor, I am so happy for you xxx

Brilliant that Gaynor! Keep on keeping on and it pays off well done!:D

A very smiley neverstoptrying :D

....and a very smiley Dippy Egg. Gaynor.... YOU DA MAN! (well woman technically) :)

How bloody cool are us lot? We are so cool we can do lop-sided smiles like Harrison Ford......we can strut like Travolta...ooh night fever......we can sing Nessun Dorma full throttle in the shower better than Pavarotti (maybe, probably)......I bet you and me and Papster and Hells and Boo and Mash and Zoe and Lills and Keith and Aitch and Cav and Magz could win olympic gold in the synchronised swimming if we wanted to. Its just we cant really be bothered :) But yeah we are cool we only went and stopped smoking. Put it there Gaynor.

Congrats Gaynor you're doing fantastic:D

Dippy you make me laugh so much, glad youre back posting again:)

I agree with you totally but problem is:confused: I don't like my head under water:eek:

Aw magz....if you dont like your head under water then we'll just all win gold in tennis instead. Much more civilised in any case......and might mean we get lots of strawberries and cream. I'm glad i'm back posting too. :D

Synchronized swimming? I'll be the coach;). In the water my timing would be all wrong. I would hold my breath while you guys are below the water. I'm sure I can. Maybe not before, but with my new lease on life, I CAN!!!


Thanks everyone for your lovely replies :D

Another day done and dusted.

Have to say that I still all but briefly miss that first fag in the morning, it was probably the only one I really enjoyed :rolleyes: I don't miss the coughing that went with it though!

Keep going everyone and keep smiling.

Gaynor x

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