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Day 4 Can't believe it

I’m on Day 4 and the last 24 hours were the hardest, but I managed to resist temptation. I have cleaned out my room with anything related to tobacco. It helps to change the bed sheets and take showers daily to rid yourself of nicotine. I am truly starting to believe that I can keep this up. I had been reading many quit- smoking websites for 2 years now and the saying that stick's in my mind is, when your brain tells you it need’s a smoke , whether you have one or not the cravings will pass. :D

Stay strong everyone

Quit Day: 02/24/10

Smoked: 30 a Day

Second Quit Attempt


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Well done! :D I am on day 6 and like you am beginning to believe that I can do it too. Although Im on day 6 I was taking the gum til Thursday so the nicotine is probably still in my system...figured out there was no point in using it.

I also decided to wash my sheet/towels/dressing gown etc and gave the house a good old clean and put some air fresheners out and it helps. The only problem is my boyfriend still smokes so when he gets back itll all stink again:(

Good luck!:cool:


Hi and congrats to you both on your quit, lots of ice cold water helps if you sip it, and getting clean and fresh is good too as it makes you realise how bad we smelt when we smoke LOL

I don’t know how long I could stand someone stinking the house out after I quit but I was lucky OH has never smoked .

Read lots of threads you will get there just learn to be a no smoker by saying NO

Have a good quit and remember that to appreciate the good days you have to have bad days.


Well my OH wants to quite, he did try at the same time as me but didnt get past a day. He smoked more than me and for longer than me so I think he needs some extra support from the doc or something. He said when he gets back from his break he wants to try again so fingers crossed, hopefully seeing that I have done it will encourage him.

Ive started having a bath every evening it seems to help relax me and after I come out smelling all nice and clean the last thing I want is to smell of smoke! Actually might have one now.:p


Hey Spikey,

Nice to hear from you. I know what you mean, there are 2 other people in our home that smoke so it's a challenge, they both smoke indoors. :(

Millions of people have quit before us, we will make it too.

Hang in there. :)


Hi Chomedelaylaval :D

Well done you 4 days done and dusted just keep going but sorry the last 24 hrs were bad for you

You have no Nicotine left in your system now and things will begin to get a little easier for you


Marg xx


And there was me feeling all sorry for myself about my OH sometimes smoking at the door with it open. Well to me it shows how strong you've been as Ive no idea how I could have coped if 2 people were smoking inside the house during the early stages. Its made you stronger than those who arent around smokers as you have already overcome that hurdle of being around smokers. Its probably been not so bad for me either having my OH smoke at the door as I know Im strong enough not to give in.

Good work and keep it up! Today is day 7 for me cant wait for the start of week 2.


Keep your head up

Hey Spikey Monkey,

Congratulations on your first week, im sure the next week will be easier on you. Keep your head up, doin great.

I do try to avoid the other smoker's in the house, I haven't been downstairs in a week,lol

Day 5 for me is coming to an end. Still getting cravings but I understand it's a part of the process and embrace it.

Monkey let's make a promise to each other now, on our 1 year anniversary we come back to this board and post our success, what do you say.



Haha yeah ok its a deal see you (well here from you) here in a year!


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