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No Smoking Day
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Can't believe I'm on day 5

Just starting day 5. Think I'll be spending a lot of today on trains travelling up to the big smoke.....just hope I don't. Can't/won't weigh myself but the old imagination kicks in with visions of ballooning! Shame we can't calorie offset!

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Well done on getting to Day 5. What differences have you noticed so far?


Hi Linlin,

I bet you're feeling good about yourself (and you should be)...

I'll be on Day 4 at 12 noon today...

Which means I'll be joining you in the Day 4-7 Section...

Oh, I haven't been in there since June :)


hows the champix goin?

hi everyone .how you doing on the champix?


Hey Linlin,

Your doing so well, keep it up xxxx


Back from my horrible day out. So many thanks for the messages. I'm mentally climbing walls - too many problems to cope with at the moment and I can feel myself wanting to give way. Am having a drink to calm me down. London was big, noisy, smelly and full! CAT scan was horrible! Just opened my post to find court case documents!!! It's me taking someone else to court and so help me god, I will! Getting the cash out of him could be something else tho.

Got two hospital appointments to look forward to tomorrow (not) and an evening meeting. Thursday is a no-smoking clinic and Friday is an appointment with the beeb - hey-ho, way to go!

Differences so far are regaining a sense of smell - and not liking it! I don't smoke in the house - why does it smell so bad?

Grouchy Linlin


Thanks Joanlaw - hope you're doing well. Am off to bed soon to put an end to a miserable day.

My glass of wine turned into more than two.......mega rows with horrible hubby who I loathe and despise! Let's see what tomorrow brings.



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