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Day 6

Hi i am new to this forum but thought i would give it a go.

This is about the 5 time i have tried to quit in the last 15 years, i have smoked since i was 15 now 47. I am using the new Elite cigarette, not much good but makes me feel like im not giving up something i enjoy.

Also using patches, im on day 6 and feel horrible. Really would love to smoke a cigarette but know the terrible damage it does, scary as you get older.

Any advice.:(:(

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Welcome debbieann,

I can't give any advice about the ecigs and the patches...but currently it seems you are still thinking about this quit as 'giving something up'

Try and think more of why you are quitting and what you are gaining from that quit....

Write down your reasons for quitting either in this forum or on a bit of paper... And keep reminding yourself of those reasons...

and read read and read some more there is lots of link in people's signatures to great resources outside this forum and if you can look out for Allen Carr's book... It might make it easier for you and help get your mind sorted out with this quit.

Most importantly is just simply DO NOT smoke another fag and you will for sure stay quit, guaranteed.

Keep reading and reading....



Hi I agree with popo yes it feels as tho ur giving summit up but actually your not Hun, I'm now on 29days that surprises me as I usually would have caved by now:eek: but what's helped us this forum, knowing how many people that I'd leg down kept me going

Keep it up Hun your doing the best u can xx



Thanks for your advice.

Yes you are right, i do feel like i am giving something up, is that not what we are all doing or am i looking at this all wrong, is this why i have failed so many times before.

I know why i should not smoke, pains in the chest and short of breath really scary. Parents with heart disease, you think that would stop me!

I know its all about will power and i am going to give it my best shot and maybe try and think about it differently.

Going to have the patches for one more week and see how i feel.

Thanks for your words of encouragement



There is no wrong way of quitting debbieann - we are all on the same bus going to the penthouse (imaginary home for the one year quitters they sit on high looking down on us mortals:D) and it can go many different routes.

I just think if you choose to see it as loosing something your gonna make thing awful difficult for yourself. If you can turn that around in your head to be all gains and actually you've lost nothing then suddenly your coasting downhill to the penthouse and just need to make sure you don't wobble too much at such high speeds.

Ultimately it is your quit, you have to do it your way but you will do it.. The trick is finding the easiest path for you..

Keep reading and reading...



Welcome to the forum! The first big step you've taken is actually quitting and you've done 6 days, well done. We all find our own way to do things but I think that if we see it as giving up a good thing then we will torture ourselves! The key (in my opinion) is to try and change our mindset and I'm currently reading an online program called the natural way to quit and also Allen Carrs book. They are both excellent and helped me enormously to change my mindset when giving up!

Keep going :-)



Thanks for taking the time out to read my post.

Day 7 felt good this morning, kept telling myself not to feed my habit, no patches today.

Got a bit wound up tonite so got my elite cigarette out, few drags and started to relax.

Still not sure i can do this but i will give it my best shot, i will have a look at that on line program you mentioned Kazzytee, thanks.


Well done on 7 days.....don't let life get in the way of your quit. Having a smoke changes nothing, you're doing wonderfully so have a little faith in yourself!! ;)


Debbieann the two things kazzytee recommended are amazing and really do make sense so deff have a look at them

Keep going your doing well Sian xx


Alan Carr book

Hi Debby

I would recommend reading the Alan Carr book. Lots of people say it made them quit, I dont really agree with this but it does really help change your mind set. For example it gives you "facts" about smoking that you wouldnt ordinarily know and it helps you convince yourself that you are stopping something that is bad, instead of giving up something that you enjoy!

DID YOU KNOW? A heroin adict takes 1000mg of the drug in one hit; 1000mg of NICOTINE would kill a person in seconds. Even taking the nicotine out of one cigerette and injecting it straight into a vein would kill you......


That what we are up against!!

Best of luck and stay strong....

Marie xxx


Hi debbieann

Doing your best is all you can be expected to do but as time goes on you will slowly realise that you are a lot stronger than you think!

I too started with a small niggle that I didn't really want to give up, that I was losing something and that I will never be the same again.

But as time has gone on I keep reminding myself of why I quit in the first breathing is so much easier now ... and I thank God for that!

Until I started to feel the benefits I was upset and depressed about what I was "losing"

As people have said before we are not losing a thing .... we are gaining so much. I am beginning to feel that now and I am sure you will too.

Sure it isn't going to be easy for us kicking decades of habbit and addiction in a matter of weeks or months but I for one am keeping pointing in the right direction taking little steps one at a time :)

I'm not sure if kazzy is referring to the below link but take a look and have a thorough read, it is very similar to Allen's approach but worded in a slightly different way. There is a really good chapter on emotions.

I have smoked since I was 18 and I'm now 44, I never thought in my wildest dreams I would get even this far in, but I have and it's starting to feel great, I'm sure with just a little determination you will too. :)

Keep reading

Keep posting

Keep strong

You can do this.

Take care




Yeah that's the link I mean Greg - might have even got it off you in first place!

Keep going Debbieann, you're doing fantastic!


Yes keep going Debbie Ann and keep reading and posting too everyone is here supporting you:)


Thank you all for your support.

Day 11, had a couple of wobbley moments, today i had an argument with myself.

It was lunch time at work and really fancied a smoke, got a E-lite cigarette (Okay i know its not good but better than fags) anyway the E-lite is pretty rubbish and i stood outside the newsagent thinking " go on get some fags.

Cutting a long boring story short i didn't give in.

I went back to work and forgot about it,felt good.

Now i am at home and sitting next to my husband who yes you guessed it smokes. I havenot given in, keep telling myself i dont want to smell like that.

Wish me luck i need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


Hey Debbieann, you should be well proud of yourself resisting all the temptations thrown your way today well done!!!

11 days is not far from 2 weeks, every day should get easier and easier :-)




Feeling good after not giving in.........very positive..

Not wanting to stink like your husband fantastic...

It sounds to me like you are starting to see the benefits now and you are doing absolutely fantastic... It must be a huge struggle to be with your smoking husband... And if you can do that for 11 days I think you are a lot stronger in this quit than I thought by your first post...

Keep going... It sounds like you're winning the daily battle and giving old nicotine a good kicking.




i agree about reading the Allen Carr Easyway to Stop Smoking book. It doesn't work for everyone - it didn't work for me. What it does is to put things in perspective and make you realise that there is more to gain than to lose. Keep visiting the forum, join one of the social groups and don't be afraid to ask for help and advice.

All the best... you will get there.


Day 24

Hi All

Day 24, still going strong.

Not relying on my electronic fag so much, hopefully can kick that soon.

Love being able to smell things and tea taste great, little bit concerned that i might get fat cause food tastes so good:(

Have started to notice how much smokers stink, not nice, even in the lift at work it seems to linger.

Keeping my fingers crossed this is the road to recovery:)


Hey Debbieann, glad to hear you're still doing so strong, knew you could do it! I'm on day 24 too and also noticing that smokers's definitely getting easier :-)


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