6 days and feeling great!!

yes its officially 6 days 10 hrs and 46 mins since my last death wand!!

suprisingly feeling really good today (might go join the gym:rolleyes:)

Although I have still been deliperatly avoiding mental triggers like alcohol.

but on the upside I am saving a fortune no cigarettes or beer! think might go blow the lot on lottery tickets :p hope everyone else is feeling proud with there efforts!:)

Real big thankyou to all the posts after day four without that support I would now be back smoking, wallowing in another failed attempt:mad:

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  • Well done dude, the last thing any of us want is a failed attempt.

    With regard staying away from alcohol, I have to say it makes sense.

    Keep it up !

  • hotandcold

    your doing brilliant. You are close to one week, what an achievement.

    You can be soooo proud of yourself. :D

  • Well Done You :) I am inspired by you Im nearly 2 days behind you and I keep reading your posts, thank you :D

  • Thanks Julie really nice of you.;)

    Have been reading your posts to

    You need to be really proud of your self

    Hope you had a great day

    I think we are all winners! :)

    And am confident we can all get there if we share support

  • Thanks dorset your support is brilliant

    And really helpful hope your quit is going

    As smooth as can be expected ;:)

  • Thanks Gary read you just hit a big milestone

    Well done you and thanks for the links day four I was

    Really struggling

    Feel much better now! :)

  • Well Done

    Hi H&C.....:D

    By my calculations.... you are almost hitting the 1 WEEK MARKER !

    Fantastic achievement.... well done

    I'll make some room in the WEEK 2 ROOM for you, I'll even put the kettle on when you arrive :p

    See you soon

    The Dragon

  • Thanks dragon its officially 6days 23hours 48mins not

    That I'm counting :rolleyes

    Have had week two room in site for few days hoping I could

    Get there! Heard the coffee there is great:p. Have all kit ready and waiting

    Would bring buiscuits but like everything not bolted down around me I ate them sorry!


  • well done HotAndCold. Day 6 is VERY VERY good. You should be very proud.

    Momentum can take over at some point...AND it does get easier.

    There may still be bad days, but you will cope with them like all the other non-smoking people you know.

    Take care


  • AAWWW i love it when newbies are doing well feels like yesterday that i was where you are. its a brilliant thing your doing:D

  • Congratulations hotandcold. One week is such an achievement.

    :) :) :)

  • Wooohoooo H&C

    Day 6 huh? How great is that feeling, it will just get better and better from now on.

    Keep posting, give that support back to people just starting this journey, keep learning from those further down the line.

    And my number one rule....I wont smoke today:D

    Well done and keep going.

    All the best

    Lillie x

  • excellent - hot and cold

    you should be feeling good today:D

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