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When does smoking become repulsive?

Hi All

Feel slightly guilty posting as I am more of a lurker than poster but the advice that I have found here has been absolutely invaluable. Day to day I feel pretty good, I am fairly certain that I'm not going to smoke - I've been quit for 65 days and been to weddings, hen dos and a number of events when I would normally smoke and I haven't but my question is really about feelings towards smoking. I just feel fairly ambiguous towards it, I guess I kind of hoped by now that I would find it disgusting but I am more than happy being around my smoking friends and I still feel as though I could quite easily have a cigarette, I just choose not to (without too much difficulty). Does this ever go - will smoking one day be repulsive? I still think about smoking quite a lot too just for less time than I probably did a couple of months ago.

Thank you anyone for your thoughts - would love to hear from you!

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Interesting question.

I'm not repulsed by smoking - but I am repulsed by the smell that comes off heavy smokers. Especially in conjunction with alcohol fumes - it's a truly repellent smell!

At first I, like you, felt that I could easily light up - I chose not to. Sometimes that choice was difficult to make, sometimes much easier. These days, although I am unmoved either way by being around smokers and still occasionally might have a memory of smoking that seems to be appealing, If I consciously try to imagine inhaling a lungful of smoke... well, I'm not exactly repulsed, but I actually can't imagine doing it, it seems completely foreign.

Perhaps smoking will never physically repulse you in the way you suggest. But keep going and I reckon the day will come when the prospect of having a cigarette is just unthinkable.

Welcome to the site, by the way!




Welcome to the Forum. I take it you're a lady, having attended hen dos!!

Yeahhhh, you quit the same day as me, and Magic I think. 9th Sept was when I kicked Mr Silky Cut out of my life, for good.

So, well done Hun, you are a star:). As you will know if you've been reading this Forum for a while, we're all unique, but with one ultimate goal. You at the mo don't mind cigarette smoke around you. I try to be tolerate of it, but I absolutely loathe it, especially stale smoke. I am sure, sure that you too will feel this way soon.

Mark set up a group named Olympic Quitters for those who quit around the July/Aug/Sept, so feel free to join our group.

Fi x


Thanks Helen, hadn't thought about the actual action - having a lungful of smoke sounds pretty unappealing - different perspective - I love it!

Fi, I will join the group and thanks :)




When I smell someone that smokes, it is like no other smell...

and to think that was ME! How did people put up with me?

Man! Now when I smell someone..I just shake my head...and I

cannot wait for them to leave my area! Body odor is the worst,

but smoking is a close 2nd if ya ask me...


hi ali, welcome to the forum. I guess we all have a word for fags silly as it maybe i enjoyed the taste but loathed the smell im on day 6. But this could be my tenth quit and my longest was nearly 5months. But to be honest i loathe sitting next to or passing someone who smokes. Now when i wash my clothes they smell great just like me. Good luck in your quit. Jacqui


I've yet to find it "repulsive"......personally speaking, it can't be that bad, I did it for 22 years :rolleyes: that's just for me, keeps me grounded.....


Hi Ali

Hi Ali

I'm on day 29!but the smell doesn't bother me neither, not interested in smoking as when I get home from work I stink of fags and I hate that idea, strange hey???

Best of luck Sian xx


Hi Ali,

Well i think you made a couple of interesting comments in your thread that I can relate to. I gave up Mid September so nearly the same time as you.

1. Sometimes when I go into a shop during the day I can immediately smell who's just had a cigarette and the smell repulses me thinking I once smelt like that. (Especially bad with rolls up), however, when I've had a drink at a pub, I like the smell if I've popped out with friends outside and ask them to blow a little smoke in my direction. Weird I know..

2. The thought that you could have one is an emotion I share but, you choose not to and I'm sure you know the craving only lasts a few seconds now so all good.

3. One day in the future, I'm sure smoking will seem absolutely ridiculous. We were all sold a stupid illusion by the cigarette companies.

I used to smoke 20 a day for 30 years. Gave up using an i-pad app "Jason Vale= How to quit in 2 hours" it worked immediately with no cravings at all!


80 days here.... I'm sometimes repelled by the smell of people who smoke.... occasionally also by the smell of smoke. It is something that is changing daily, however, so I guess I am right in the time that the smell of smoke etc or else the perception of them changes. The changes can be very dramatic, smelling completely differently one day to another, even though it's from the same person wearing the same perfume, smoking the same cigarettes in the same place (my mom).

Trying to imagine smoking, however, feels like I'm trying to imagine breathing in cotton wool..... Really scary!!



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