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Just how easy not smoking becomes

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I have just been told some really awful news, the type of thing that causes a quit to falter, I have no desire to smoke, for me this is fantastic.

It does get easier even the big s8it doesn't make you falter. Didn't think of getting a fag, using this as a relapse justification, just went to the photocopier and carried on working. Will leave work earlier and prob have a drink later but no instant cravings.....

Onwards and upwards

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Good to hear no want of a smoke came a visiting MAH, excellent progress indeed.

Good luck to news giver with moving on :)

(Now I think about it ... I had no thoughts of smoking earlier in the week either when given sad family news)

All the best to you both ;)


i had a moment on wednesday when i was told some life changing news and just for afew secs i really really wanted a ciggie i could even taste it in my mouth :eek:

or i should say what my memory of smoking was but it didnt last long and i just took some deep breathes thinking

i dont smoke anymore

it was just my mind tempting me into going down that road again :o

i walked past someone a few mins later who was a smoker and the whiff i got of them was nothing like the smell/taste that i remember it just made me feel sick like normal

Good on you Mah it is nice to know that life is better without the cigs, and bad triggers don't make you head for them.:)

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Its so true, I've had some nasty stresses over the last couple of years which would previously have had me reaching for the smokes, or even be used for an excuse to break a quit.

The fact is I don't want to smoke these days and no longer see it as a crutch or reward (in fact see it as a kind of slavery) its good to hear that you are at that point too.

So great to see that so many of us are really truly over this addiction.... good stuff. Hope all is well with you MAH x

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