No Smoking Day
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I'll have some of thaaat!!

6 whole weeeeeeeks,

Theres been times that i have felt like smoking, there have been occasions where i have been super stressed and would cheerfully have otherwise chuffed a packet til my fingers turned yellow, i smelt like a decomposing badger and my lungs felt freshly cheesegratered, but y'know what, its nice not to do that, cos it never really helped... it made me taste bad, look bad and have less money.

There have been fabulous times too, the increase in smell, energy, the lust for life and all things healthy. Notably the recent weight loss after piling a bit on. Yay!

I'd like to thank all of you guys on here for being fabulous... notably the Olympic Quitters who have been beautiful... but most of all my self control, for sticking with me and winning this time....

A toast... to self control..... chinkchink!

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Congratulations Zozie, really well done on reaching 6 whole smoke free weeks:D


zozozozozozozieeeeeee! yipedeedoodah! 6 weeks . . .wowzers

So happy for you. You are great and deserve it sooooo much.

xxxxxx :):):):)


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