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Only day 5 and Im comin ALIVE!!

Ok we're into day 5 now, worst of the discomfort seems to be over( i hope). i woke this morning at 5.00am and surprisingly wasnt gagging for a fag?? i felt wide awake within 5 minutes, i was whistling around the house and keen to get into my day. to be where i am now compared to where i was 2 days ago( couldnt leave the house!) is amazing, oh and the smells......ahhhh and now some more taste...hmmmmmm.

Downside- My 15 year old Springer smells like a hot donkey:eek:


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So glad to see your feeling so upbeat and positive

try to keep that positive mindset and it will serve you well in your quit

onwards and upwards is way to go


maybe its time to give the hot donkey a bath :p

btw how do you know what a hot donkey smells like




yes its bathtime for the Springer! i once rode a hot donkey to the top of a hill in lindos, Rhodes to visit the Acropolis:)



so glad you are loving it just like me!! its awesome isnt it???

fazzer - you are a legend and your hot donkey is too

eee stinking awww



Well done matey!!!!

Thats ace news that your feeling upbeat on 5 days, its surprising how quickly you can feel great if you take it one day at a time.

hey heyyy I have a hot donkey too.... she always used to smell better, but she says i always used to smell worse...

Hot doggie donkey stinky payback time she reckons... shes a collie cross by the way....

Keep on being fab and you'll get to the top of the fab ladder before you know it! xx


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