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Race for Life (im on day 5 of stop smoking)

Ok, so as an incentive to giving up smoking, I have signed up to do race for life 5k run in June.

I cant run for toffee! mmm toffee (Nooo stop munching!!)

Im very unfit from smoking and nibbling lots the past 5 days. Im hoping this will help me stop smoking for good as I just know i wont be able to run if i carry on smoking!

I have used my stop smoking money to join our local gym! so its all falling into place!

If anyone wants to find out about race for life, just google it and you can find one near you. Or if you would like to sponsor me,

Im going to need all the help and support I can get so please cheer me on :p

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Ahh good luck!! You will find it gets easier and easier to run, just start gradually and build it up!



thanks :D So far i can last about 3 mins on the treadmill hahaha

Im hoping to stay on it abit longer tonight!! :p


currently on £70. Im hoping to raise over £100 so im doing super well considering its just a few people from my office donating. All my friends are always skint lol


I have done the race for life. It is a brilliant event and to take up running when you quit is always a good idea best of luck to you!:)


Thanks peeps!

Went to the gym last night and managed 15 mins on the bike. Thats 10 mins longer than when I first started hehehe. I know its pathetic but Ill keep going and hopefully by June ill be able to run the whole 3 miles ;)


My stamina is getting better :D


Haha! Challenge accepted if I get more sponsors ;) . I just need someone to be able to take a photo of me. I usually hit the gym on my own but im trying to convince my man to join ;)


I still havent done the bunny ear thing!

Im going to ask if a stranger can take a pic on my phone for me. Turns out that im not allowed a visitor in the gym just to take a photo. Health and safety reasons! Pah!

please share my link on facebook if you can, I need more sponsors as my work colleague is beating me! We cant have that!! She is a bitch!! lol



Thanks Sooooooooooooooooo much Max <3


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