Day 5 good to be alive!

One of the things that i love most since stopping smoking is hearing the birds sing first thing in the morning! It's so loud yet so peaceful, like natures own alarm clock. :) They reallt do go for it! If it wasn't for the fact i'd have to eat worms for b'fast i'd come back a singing bird.

I've been waking every morning around 6am which is so not me lol. It has to have something to do with not smoking!? Anyway i slept loads better last night, only woke up once, it's nice not to feel so chest heavy first thing and today i'm hoping fyr a much easier day with not so much depression.

Hope your all doing well and keep fighting that evil crave. x

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  • Morning Angel ,

    nice to see you all positive this morning.. well done hunny keep it up :)


  • Still feeling ok even though my OH still hates me & being mothers day i'm working my arse off. I will NOT let it get to me.

    La la la........ :p

  • :D:D:D

    La la la......

  • KEEP STRONG la la la


  • Exactly ;)

    The two evils in my life ..... WERE smoking and men. I am now free of both.

    Goodbye past and hello future. :cool:

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