5 days and still alive !!

hello to anyone out there

Just found this forum thank god as i,m feeling a bit grim tonight. ive been tearful and a bit touchy all day....I suppose this is normal but I hate feeling this way, But hey Ive been a non-smoker for 5 days now. Using patches, read Allen Carrs book and was so determined to do it without NRT but lasted a day! Go to bed with Paul Mckenna every night (quit smoking CD!!) Think this helps although I fall asleep before I get to the end. Oh well will probably be back on before long !!

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  • hi welcome you doing great keep going you can do it all the best

  • Hi Jenny,

    Great to hear you're on the road...It does get easier!

    Lots of people on here who want to help. Certainly have helped me!


    3 months in tommorrow...only been this far once before, and that was 20 years ago...IT CAN BE DONE!

  • still going strong! i think!!!

    Thanks to everyone who left me such encouraging messages the other day they really were such a great help. Im so glad the weekend is over as it was my first one as a non smoker for 33 years and it was really hard. Thanks John for the whyquit site info....got my quit counter(what a good idea)

    Well here's to my second week as a non smoker!! wow that feels good writing that.:)


    6d 22:13 smoke-free, 137 cigs not smoked, £32.20 saved, 11:25 life saved

  • Hi Jenny and welcome to the forum.http://planetsmilies.net/happy-smiley-582.gif

    Sounds like you are doing great - keep up the good work! planetsmilies.net/happy-smi...

    Go to bed with Paul Mckenna every night

    Well, that's one way of taking your mind of smoking!


  • Thanks Barbara

    here's to a good week for all of us non smokers!!!!

  • John - Not had even ONE PUFF of a cigarette for One Month, Twelve Days, 8 Hours and 20 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 3 Days and 18 Hours, because I haven't smoked 1084 cigarettes that would have cost me £284.98.

    1084.!!!!! god thats quite scary. Imagine all of them at once:eek:

    Now now John, lets not be greedy. One at a time is more than enough :p:D

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