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Hi im new and on day 5!

Hey everybody, I'm currently on my 5th smoking free day, and I decided to register here since today was a very rough day and it feels nice to have some support;)

Anyway, today was by far the roughest day so far. All day long I was thinking to myself 'I'll just buy a pack, I'm not going to hold on anyway.' and 'Wow, I'll never ever smoke again!' and that sort of stuff.:( I couldn't concentrate at all, and it got even worse when a friend of mine was selling packs of import Marlboro's for a cheap price. Luckily I had enough willpower to not buy a pack.

God, I just hope I get through day 6.


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Hi and welcome, sorry to hear you are having a hard day.

You have not said how you are doing this CT, NRT?

We all had hard days at the start, some find day 1 really difficult to get past, others are struggling by day 3, some get through a week and then have a hard day. All quits are different.

I would suggest you read some of the links in the sigs, it will really help you get your head in the right place, try and stay focused on why you are doing this, and how much better you will be as a non smoker.

You didn't buy the fags and that must make you feel really good, and everytime you do something like that you will feel stronger.

Come along and post and read there are lots of great people around (and some really odd ones, you'll find out) who can give you advice or just listen if you need to have a rant.

Glad to have you with us, and keep us posted as to how you are getting on.


As Madness once said - Welcome to the house of fun.

Acutally that should be welcome to the madhouse. We are a friendly bunch on here even if I do say so myself. There are lots of people who have helped me through my quit and at the lowest point where I have wanted to buy a packet and smoke the whole lot, coming on here and having a rant has helped.

So no matter how you are doing this quit - well done on getting to Day 5, soon you will be in week 2.



Hey, thanks for the reply.

This is my 4th attempt and I'm doing this with willpower only. I don't believe in patches and gum, since I want to get rid of the nicotine, and patches etc. will still give me that stuff.

Also they have a rather high price card and money is the main reason I quit.

Well, I will keep you guys updated on my quitting 'adventure'



I havent gone so far as to actually go out and by some but the thought has crossed my mind. stay strong use the $$$ you save on cigs to buy something nice!



Hi itstime2quit.

Firstly congratulations on getting to day 5. What an achievement already.

You did really well to resist the "voices" and also the offer of cheap fags. I know how attractive that can seem.

Keep going strong and posting often to let us know how you getting on.


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