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Getting drunk quicker

Since my quit just over 12 weeks ago I have been out three times and as far as I'm aware I drank no more than I normally do (minus the time spent previously smoking I suppose?). I have been ridiculously drunk and had some memory loss which when I discussed with OH he said he didn't think I had anymore than normal either, just got drunk quicker.

Is this related to quitting smoking? I know that caffeine has a lesser effect on smokers (half of why I couldn't sleep at the start I imagine) because of the nicotine. Did a quick search on google and some sites state that a smokers digestion is slower, meaning food in stomach longer which equals getting drunk slower.

Has anyone else had any experience of this? I don't really want to quit drinking too but I don't appear to know my limits anymore. :(

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Thanks Max, an interesting article. I am going to have to cut down a lot when I am out definitely as apart from anything else - even the just one syndrome - that amount of alcohol cannot be at all good for me :eek:


Nicky this happened to me too when I gave up. Was terrifying too:eek: as I would have no memory of the night before and hadn't drank any more than i would usually. Have no idea as to why it happened but I had to cut right down on the amount I drank (I only drink once a week anyway) seems to be ok now but I am nearly 2 years down the line :D


Thank goodness it's not just me Heller. Thinking back I remember an awful night years ago, where I thought I had been drugged (probably not I was only in a working mens club!) and I had recently quit smoking then too.

I will have to just be careful. I drink maybe a couple of times during the week, sometimes one with evening meal, sometimes not. Weekends a few at home, much more if I go out. I have always been able to hold drink very well, now I'm pretty sure it was because of the smoking, might have to start drinking lager shandy instead of vodka :D


i completely agree ! yes i do get drunk a little quicker too !!

we've already spoken about the 'better hangovers' enough on the forum !

hmmm...not really sure if this is a plus ;)


Well I just have the amount I used to and I'm well away, will be drinking less in future so cheaper which is a plus :D

I have still had quite bad hangovers on account of being very very drunk. I'm not going out this weekend so will only have a couple at home. :)


I actually have the opposite thing happening to me, but I feel like it'll pass in few months. I drink more than before :eek: Like, 3-4 beers on a night out was good enough for me, but now I can easily down 5 to get the same effect.


OH MY GOD YES!!!! when i first quit i got horrible drunk, black outs and acting like a loon! lol funny hearing about it but not at the time for my friends :rolleyes: now i only drink lighter spirits and really pace myself. Tbh i drank too much anyways but as a smoker i could handle it and 'keep face'.

change what you drink, rather than vodka at 37% why not try malibu or archers at 18%?

Good luck and dont worry, your normal.


I also drank too much Nikki. I now drink vodka at home - just Fri/Sat nights and Archers & Lemonade when I go out as it's only 26%

I did go to Bath last weekend for a friends 40th drinking various things plus cocktails BUT I took it slowly as I was so scared of getting like that again.


I found the opposite I can drink a lot more than I used to.


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