No Smoking Day
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A Lost Day

Hello everyone how is stopping coming along ? reading through I need to reply to a few and wish them on :-)

so on Monday night as i mentioned I went to visit my little Ang downstairs and after 30 mins it was like " shall we have a drink ? as a wine is dumped in front of me ? " of course honey like you need to ask"... Anyways imagine my surprise to what turned into a full on houseparty i wake up the next day all fresh and without a hangover ? well this just can't be happening, amazing or what, and then you realise it's now Wednesday! A whole day wiped of my life and looking through my messages you see one sent to your boss at 6.30am stating, something alone the lines of "i'm voilently ill and wont be in, so so sorry to call in sick, im so so bad not slept at all " ! ( oh gosh i don't remember ) i'm just pleased texting is the way forward, i pretty much slept right through until this morning.

Anyways in my mind that has accelerated my quit by a WHOLE day :D

I'm so proud of myself, well I need something considering i throw up twice in our next door neighbours garden i need something to boost my ego! I mean im such a Sophisticated man who on earth hoys up like that over a wall ? I blame this home made hungarian shots they just kept on coming!!

Again i never smoked or had any temptations, i just balled my eyes out like Rynal on x factor " I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO" sob, " TAKE ME WITH YOU" hic, " lets get sh1tted love" as my poor partner just fills my glass up, rolling his eyes to the back of his head and carries on dancing,

Yes he saw it all before....

Now the last time i get hysterical like that was on a bus, standing with a latta and the bus all of a sudden stopped and I just went, me and my coffee, all over this muslim woman sat on the front seat!! i have never been so shocked in all my life,a full latta over her burkha, i could tell by her eyes she was not amused, i mean im not sure if she was more bothered about that or the fact i was trying to get the froth of her!!! not knowing men can't touch woman i just started pattng her now frothy burkha, trying my damdest not to laugh " I am ever so sorry", my partner dragged me of the bus at the next stop, we had to wait ages for the next one :-( i must of smoked about 10 fags in one go, so so humilating.

So yes, another really tuff challange acomplished, i do feel good, i feel great, i will need another early night to get fully 100% and I have not even had champix for 2 days now :-) i think i might as well stay of them.

We have a wedding to plan, considering they need to get married before she is allowed into Dubai, its all very rushed and i do feel sorry for her as this is not what her wedding was meant to be like lol well the ceremony can wait as planned this is a purely a paper excericse as she calls it! still no tempatons for fag as we all we know when excitement comes this another trigger point, and another trigger solved.

So im going to keep this short as I have like 2 days work to catch up on lol

chow for now peeps


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Hehe this had made me Laff

I would hate get that drunk that I did t no who I txt or I did t wAke up for a day.


you really are a legend D. This story reminds me of the time I knocked my elbow into a short blokes head on a bus......and his ginger wig flew off. I couldn't decide if it was polite to a. pretend it hadn't happened or b. pick it up and attempt to replace it. I went for option B. I was wrong judging by the string of four letter words he hit me with. had a few smokes when i got off that bus!


Arise Sir Derek of Fabulousness!!!

That tale is just epic. I laughed lots Thank you! x


More more more more more.......need it love it love it. :D


Ha ha ..... so funny.... what a legend. :)


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