Hello its my first day as a non smoker (again)

Hi the name is Graeme, I'm nearly 60 and have been smoking since I was 12 and at 13 I was smoking in the house in front of my parents :o

For me nicotine became a friend and a crutch that helped me through a stressful career, difficult times in my life and an aid to help me relax.

Until today I was smoking a 50grm pack of roll up tobacco in less than 3 days.

I've stopped smoking a thousand times :rolleyes: The problem for me is staying stopped,> I even went for 12 months without and then whilst at a very merry party accepted a ciggy, thinking just one wont hurt. I was then back on 30 a day:mad:

Today is my first day at trying again,and I have an added incentive this time as I have been recently diagnosed with COPD and as much as I depend upon and enjoy smoking, it's got to go....... Permanently !!


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  • Welcome graham:) I really hope you can find the strength to quit for good,it onus like you really need to.

    Good luck!it can be done:)

  • Welcome from me too Graeme,

    There are quite a few regular posters with COPD and I am sure all of them would vouch for the difference quitting has made to their symptoms. You may even be able to kick any symptoms into touch completely.

    A big well done from me on your quit so far and will look forward to your posts. :)

  • A big welcome to the forum. Pleased to have you on board.:

    Please read and post as often as needed.

    For me and many like me this forum is a huge part in our quits.

    I do hope you can find inner strength to go forward with your quit.

    Look forward to reading your posts:)

  • Welcome aboard - lovely to have you with us

  • Welcome Graeme,

    Hope today has gone quickly for you and that you're feeling positive about tomorrow.

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