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Stumbling through week 3


Hi brave people.

I am new on here. I've just joined tonight and after 28 years of a pack a day, it will be 3 weeks since I quit on friday. Please can someone assure me that this gets easier. I found days 9 and 10 really hard, then it got better and now days 16 and 17 have been SO cravy.

It doesn't make sense as I quit cold turkey and there is no nicotine inside me.:confused:

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Yes it does get easier. stick wth it.


Good decision to quit, and welcome to the site.


It makes perfect sense that you feel this way because it has bugger all to do with nicotene. A successful quit happens in the mind. You have spent 28 years building up associations with smoking. You are encountering triggers all the time. Happy, sad, bored, hot, tired, hungry, irritable, stressed, celebrating, drinking, eating, holidays, waiting for buses... you name it, it's probably a trigger. Every time you encounter a new one your brain goes 'SMOKE! SMOKE!' and you have to face it down.

It's tough at the beginning, I know. But the associations will be broken after you've got through them them down a couple of times. Therefore they become fewer and further between. And as you get into your stride and can look back with pride at how far you've come, it becomes easier to tackle them. Until eventually, triggers are a thing of the past and the whole thing is a breeze.

It does get better and better. And you're doing fantastically well. Don't let it get you down. Just stick around here and you'll have a whole team on your side. Keep going!



Yes it certainly does get easier but it is still early days yet. You have fueled the habit for 28 years so you can't expect to be over it in just a couple of weeks or so.

Its not the nicotine you are craving, it the habit. Just keep positive and keep telling yourself you can and will beat this and you will be ok. Stick at it and you won't regret it


Thank you all for your kind words and most importantly for your support. I shall think of each crave/potential broken association that I overcome from now on as a victory. And I shall dance and I shall sing and I shall be happy because freedom awaits me and I smell delicious....

stumbling through

Unfortunately the way your feeling is the nature of the beast called addiction. You say that you have no nicotine in your system but it's the nicotine that your bodys craving. It has suddenly realised that it's not getting its regular fix.

However as others have said it does get better beleive me. If it didn't I wouldn't be writing this.

Michael(a.k.a:-lefoy123 in Glasgow)

P.S:- I smoked mainly roll-ups or some 41/42 years. I'm now 6 months + nocotine free with the aid of patchs and smoking cessation clinic so just hang on in there it does get easier

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