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Since I stopped my Champix tabs I was dealing with the small cravings pretty well. The came the fun of June/July I was appointed carer to my son (he is only 3 but has the mind of a 18 month old he has something called Development Delay as well as having a 17 month old too its hard to juggle sometimes) and my husband being diagnosed with mild depression back in June.

Now my hubby smokes I dont have a problem but in the last 6 weeks my cravings are getting worse have been soooo tempted to go and get some smokes.

Dont know if its cos im dealing with a lot at the moment or not but im trying not to get too stresesed but i keep wanting a smoke :-(


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

You dont say how long you have been stopped for but it sounds to me as though you are a bit stressed and possibly in the past when you have been stressed you have smoked more. I would go and see your smoking cessation nurse and see if there is anything they can do for you. Possibly more champix for a week or 2. This forum can offer lots in the way of support and advice so that should be an option too. I hope you feel better very soon and your family life is manageable for you.


Adding to what Haze said (and I KNOW you already know this.....) You could have a smoke but you will still be carer to your son, your husband will still have depression.

The only difference will be you have smoked and broken a successful quit.

I hope you make the right decision for you - there are always people here to rant to if it gets too much...:o



I stopped on 21st April 2012. Yer I think im under stress again I just called the doctors they cant get me in to see my smoking consultant until the end of august as they are so busy so just got to keep my head up for now. Its just a lot to handle hubby being depressed and a lil boy who has a disability and a 17 month old daughter x


I really hope you can get through this rough period Munch


Just remember - putting a silly looking stick in your mouth and lighting it won't make any of this any better ....:(


Hi.. Buy some NRT gum you can find them cheap most days I used to get mine from pound shop.. I found then really good at taking the edge of the cravings


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