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Day 4 - feel anxious and angery

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Hello all! Trying very hard to keep my head down at work i feel awful! Im not really wanting a cig in the same way anymore but i have this constant nervous energy and feel abit miserable actualy....

I dont wanna smoke though..well tell a lie i miss the buzz i get when i relief my pangs lol but i know if i wait just a little longer ill no longer have pangs so its abit counter productive!

being at work is kind of helping as i can just sit down and deal with customers, i dont have to think and i get left alone. plus it passes time. I cried a little this morning....ah i dno i guess im mourning the fags now

the buzz has gone from the detoxing and now its just...oh right normal life i guess! plus i still feel crap so its like whats the point at the mo...

I wont give in though...what choice do i have? either smoke or just stay as i am and what would be the point in smoking now im no longer addicted?

on a positive not i look better already, skins alot more glowing :D xx

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Awww Nikki, huge hugs, sounds like you need them today!

I am nearly on day 8 and still crying. Of course we are all

supposed to be joyous and excited about quitting ;) but seriously

you have just removed something that you did 20 times a day.

Bad for you of course but it was part of your life and it is gone for

good. Perfectly normal in my book to mourn that.

Just keep repeating the logic in your head and don't let the sadness

make you stray. You are doing great!!


Ive bought some herbal cigs because in these early days i would rather reach for that than a real one. I dont take it down i just kind of lick it lol

It reminds me that i dont miss the act of smoking, because technically im doing that, i miss nicotine!

I just wish the anxiety would go my back hurts from being clenched all the time! I dont wanna give up on my quit but i would like to feel some of the benefits already!! xx

Herbal cigs? What are they? Like proper cigarettes?

no herbs, no tobacco or nicotine! x

Dont feel bad jess i got in fron work and crier likr someonr died for 30 seconds and felt so nuch better! Got rid of thr anxiety which is weird but i feel very positive moving fowsrd.

You might want a cig jess. I do to. But have faith onr day we will have a crave free day! And it will be a beautiful thing xxx

Max - the penny dropped for me finally and i understand the cravings now :D

Hi guys just to let you know I relapsed today :( I don't know why to be honest because I was doing so well! Somewhere there must be apart of me that is not ready to let go of this habit although I would like to be ready.

I got really upset at lunch time because i was so gutted as you all know it really takes a lot out of you to go cold turkey and go through all the changes and adjustments. and thats why i have just totally relapsed I have not got the strength to fight at the moment all those cravings again in the early days. My mum smoking in the house i think is a big part of it tbh until she quits there will always be fags available in those weak moments :(

Im not giving up though! I have my holiday next week and a few other thing and then i am off work for a week before i start uni so i will be back with a vengeance by that point!!

I think i will actively cut down between now and then though to at least make it that lil bit easier when it comes to it.

thanks though for all the support xxx

Oh Dear.

Never mind Nikki.

Just pick yourself up and press on.

It must be so much harder to stop when there are cigarettes readily available. I'll admit to scouring the cupboard, in the last week, where we used to keep them. (In the past I used to occasionally smoke old douts out the ashtray, if I had none in the morning.)

I have no useful tips, but just to say keep trying. x

Hope to see you back here soon Nikki. :)

so sorry Nikki :( keep positive that you can do it and take heart...I think I won't be far behind you. All we can do is keep trying!

There is NO easy way to quit smoking.

There is no mint you can take that makes it easy.

There is no chewing gum you can chew that makes it easy.

There is no tablet you can take that makes it easy.

Get your mind in the right place. Accept that you're going to feel rubbish for a couple of weeks and plough through it.


Relapse is very common, especially if this is your first time quitting, so don't get too down on yourself. Don't take it too lightly either, or else you might get in a quitting cycle (where you never actually quit) for years. I've done that, and its not fun.

If you're starting university soon, it would be a great time to quit before. It's supposed to be very effective to pair your quit with a big life change.

Keep your positive attitude, and good luck getting back on the horse! You can do it!

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