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Just Here For A Week!!!!!

Well Day 15 has arrived and I feel good...VERY Good.....Not with everything by any means...but about giving up smoking again.In fact I love it despite all the HASSLE that goes with it...cos the hassle will die down as time progresses.I'm not having a battle in the sense I really really dont want to light up at all,but nevertheless those CRAVES havent gone completely but are certainly not bad enough when I do get them for me to think about rushing out to buy a pack.My appetite has picked up and sure my flat smells fresh as mushrooms(or is it ROSES:rolleyes:)...So its into WEEK 3 and I so much want to be in the 1 MONTH forum....Its a stepping stone.Still taking one day at a time....No NRT for me.Keeping on posting and reading articles or sometimes Joels vids keeps me on the ball.I've literally been obsessed with not smoking for a full two weeks....and why not if it has helped.

Best Wishes to all of you who are with me on this.....Its so important(Not To Smoke)....and i've now saved £60 in two weeks.Is that £1500 a year?

I look at all the smokers in the surrounding streets and say to myself,glad I'm not like them.I dont miss it at all....but the ASSOCIATIONS with smoking is a trickier subject.Anyway enough rambling-Will post for day 16....See you later.:)...PS I PROMISE not a puff has been puffed since I quit 10th June.

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well done douglas, that can do attitude is great and a great inspiration, giving up can be fun it seems! ><5mol<er


Hi Douglas, another positive post to read.. Your doing brilliant btw..... :) 15 days hey! :cool:

your broomstick is nice and clean too i see ;)


Congratulations Douglas :)

I'll be watching out for you over in the month room, see you there :)


Nice one doug!!!im off it since june 5th...i agree, seeing other smoke makes me think im doing a good thing here....

keep up the good work


Well done Douglas into week 3 already ......and before you know it "you will have done a month ".

Stick at it :cool:



6.30 pm Friday night.

Thanks all for your kind messages.Today was a craving day...anyway as usual ,come evening everything is a lot better.I have to live with it and I will.So Day 16 is not far away......cos 1000000% wont be smoking today.I certainly feel strong enough to fight any craves....Its just UNPLEASANT...but the consequences of continued smoking would be far far worse.

So a midnight post tonight ....perhaps....see you tomorrow.PS...keep strong with your quits....Its So Worth It...Best Wishes douglas.j:)


An Interesting Thought!!!

Thanks Karri !!!

Now Heres An Interesting Thought.....Just say I'd given in to those cravings earlier I'd be back to square one....But riding them out pays off cos as of the last few hours everything is back to normal....Maybe I was hungry!!!!!!

Maybe once we quit we blame everything on the quit...AND THAT ISNT RIGHT.

As I approach DAY 16.....Everything is better EVERYTHING(about being a non smoker)....except those nasty craves...and with experience from my previous quit I know they WILL GO......i think maybe in another month.....Till then I'll grin and bear it.If I'm into the third week SURE I can make it ONE DAY AT A TIME into the SECOND MONTH....why not???:)

Looking out of my apartment window theres a PERSON smoking -waiting for the bus....Puffing away on a cig------Glad ...So very Glad Its not me.


Day 16.

And My quit smoking calendar says...Day 16. Think of nicotine cravings as the voice of a slimy, hungry, coldly selfish, mean and destructive dragon who wants to control you and put your health at risk. He's getting really scared now, because you are winning! You're nearly there. Resist him. You can do it.

Thats the way to do it.......said Mr Punch!!!!

So Day 15 almost done and dusted.No temptation to smoke but not the best of days-evening was fine.

So Day 16/17 The weekend arrives.I really cant see a problem other than the usual cravy feelings coming and going...but HONESTLY they are not terrible enough for me to be worried about maintaining the quit.They didn't before.But I must reiterate-they are not pleasant.....but they are tolerable.....and thats why I haven't FALLEN!!!!!!......(:eek:YET:eek:)

wishing you all well with your quits....Douglas.john.


Just for you, douglas, my seal of approval:


Hi Douglas! Yay to you.... 16 days now, and onwards we go...dont look back or sideways...just keep on going! with each step we get stronger! no more falls hey.... well done matey :) craves are bearable, i have to agree...its not easy..but not impossible :)


Helsbelles and KK.

aaah-youre so sweet!!!!

thanx a bundle for your kind encouragement.

my new motto- :)I will not be controlled by a plant!!!!!:)


Day 16-best day yet!!!!!!

Yesterday was an absolute WONDER day.Hardly an inkling of a crave.Just the best day since I quit.......lets see what DAY 17(today) brings:rolleyes:


Day 18: minutes away!!!

Day 17 /Sunday has been another easy day with hardly a crave.I dont think The last 48 hours has been at all difficult.Those horrid craves I was having before are on the way out. I can reach The First Month ....I have a GUT FEELING....One day at a time!!!!!

Loving My Quit.

With Best Wishes to all and Especially Karri whose quit is about to start...I'm with you all the way, supported me from day 1....and not forgetting all the other wonderful members...of course.

At my age(55)..I really cant afford to fail.



DAY 18...has arrived.

The next 24 hours will be fine...I know day at a time!!!:)

3.18 in the morning...the night owl is CHIRPY today.....why?....i thinks i'm coming out of a depressive episode.

Had A LOT OF STRESS recently(last couple of months)..Its all ebbing away.

Now I'm listening to music again and feel so much better in myself.

Really smoking only made things worse before.

The next 21 hours will be a DODDLE!!!!!


Time for a PROLAPSE!!!!

That will take the SMIRK off my face!!!!

Onwards to DAY 19.

Come Join In.

douglas,j ( ps playing with the ratings button i've given myself an I'll be BANNED!!!..o well nice knowing you all!!! )


Way to go Douglas, we'll be posting in the Month Room very soon :)


Day 19.

Day 18 almost was a day I met up with an EX SMOKER friend of mine.

We both said and agreed how good it was to be a non smoker.I am now totally off/anti smoking and although i had a TWINGE or two today NOTHING on earth will want to make me smoke again.......One Day At A Time.

Day 19 is 3 hours will be another smokeless day.

MONTH 1 sub forum I come-I'm almost there!!!!!

Hope all my June quitters are doing fine.



DAY 19 has arrived!!!

yes ..made it to DAY 19...without a hiccup.

Now I know I can reach into the MONTH 2 sub forum in 11 or so days-why not if you are committed and strong!!!

Just mustn't forget----NEVER EVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF!!!!

But FOR WHAT????

BIPOLARS have a tougher job------but thats another story!!!


With Respect as always...doug.j


Day 20.

Everyday now is a VAST improvement on the early days.Come last weekend....days 16/17 things were much better.What can I say..I'm being honest and truthful...Two Weeks of feeling pretty rotten at times and then the THIRD WEEK everything starts to improve.Now at the end of Day 19 It was a 99% craveless day and I dont even remember actually if the crave was any more than fleeting.So as DAY 20 approaches in a couple of hours I just cannot...for the life of me.....see any reason now to go out and buy cigarettes.I HATE the idea of smoking and taking One Day At A Time....see myself progressing into the next sub forums without any difficulty.If I'm wrong I'll tell you...I promise.....i dont need to lie to myself or you.

Again,Last time i got to 6 months......AND TOOK A PUFF!!!!

This time I trust I'll get to the PENTHOUSE-Having NOT taken a puff...Time Will Tell.


PS best wishes for all your quits.YOU DESERVE TO REACH THE PENTHOUSE.:)


well done douglas, you're sounding really positive there, glad to hear you are free of the craves, keep on going! ><5mol<er


YAY! for Douglas, your doing so well...... I am so made up for you :)


Day 21...&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;month 1.

Thanks for the kind messages above.

So This is the FINAL DAY in WEEK 3.

My journal has stretched from DAY 3 to DAY 21 in the blink of an EYE.

NEWS::::: Everything is fine ...twinges of craves....flit around from time to time....but the BATTLE IS WON.

Now I have to remember why I lost my last quit.

NEVER take another puff.NEVER is a LONG TIME:rolleyes:

oh well......its day by day we go...:)lol.rofl:)


Best Wishes to my Ladies and Gents Quitting Friends.

We'll all get to the PENTHOUSE if we are STRONG.

See you tomorrow in MONTH 1.


As I Leave WEEK 3 I leave A message for MYSELF ET AL!!! "The ex-smoker who takes a drag and doesn't get hooked gets a false sense of confidence," writes Joel. "He thinks he can take one any time he wants and not get hooked. Usually, within a short period of time sneaking a drag here and there, he will become hooked. One day he too may try to quit and actually succeed. He may quit for a week, month, or even years. But always in the back of his mind he feels, "I know I can have one if I really want to. After all, I did it last time and didn't get hooked right away. One day, at a party or under stress or just out of boredom he will try one again. Maybe this time he will get hooked, maybe not. But you can be sure that there will be a next time. Eventually he will become hooked again."


yup, for almost all, and maybe even all, of us there is no halfway house, either smoke or don't, and smoke means 20 a day. not smoking means a healthy and happy life, its a no brainer really,

great to hear your positive outlook, never again is the way to think :) enjoy month 1! ><5mol<er


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