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Really Short Fuse!


On day 38 now(not sure if Im posting on the right bit 1 or 2 months), everythings been fine, feeling good about my quit, not having craves of any substance but I feel like I have been on edge the last few days and just say I may just have gone a wee bit over the score, very very short fuse, blowing up, sniping, sighing (loudly and with underlying menace and sarcasim) and generally acting like a bit of a mental moo! My partner (who luckily dosn't live with me) does not know I have quit as he did not know (after over 3 years) that I smoked in the first place has just gone off to play snooker looking at me all wide eyed with fear and tip toeing out the door incase the inferno errupts again lol! Although a few wee annoying things happened today I would normally these take in my stride....there was no striding today just alot of stomping.

I need a chill pill........someone hurry and get me one before he gets back and signs me into a mental institution arrrgggghhh :( I know I need to learn to take a deep breath and shut my gob......but its HARD!!!! Lol.

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I was like that yesterday Angie. I originally quit same day as you but had a day off so started over. I'm very calm today. One extreme to the other :-(

I really shouldn't laugh Angie, but I can't help it.

"sighing (loudly and with underlying menace and sarcasm)" Oh my God that cracks me up :D

Obviously I would advise against commiting actual GBH and certainly try to avoid doing a real murder :) But other than that.......whatever it takes to get you through hen. Sigh away. At least you've gave me a giggle.

Hope you have a better day mental moo x

im sorry to read you are having probs with your anger :(

just remember its that nasty nic demon trying every dirty trick in the book to entice you back

its starting to panic because so far you have stayed stronge and the further along in your quit you go the stronger you will become

your emotions are going to be all over the place but it will pass

you can do it :)

hope today is better for you

Carol x

Thanks guys, Ive felt much better again the last few days the mental moo'ness has subsided so onwards and upwards :)

Lol dippy honestly I could have won an oscar for the dramatic's :D I just went to my bed early and quietly growled at my book lol. Theres gonna be more of those days, I think I need to get a strategy in place to deal with it. ;) x

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