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Help - Not Having a Good Time!

Ignore this - wrong month again. Have re-posted in Month 3. I'm having a rough time and that's my excuse for being thick!


Hello All

Oh dear, I'm having a really sh*t couple of days. Hellish. Haven't felt well all week (general stop smoking illness I think), work really stresssy, constantly wanting a nic-fix these last couple of days. Can't make it go away. Permanently at the 'I have no patience for anything' threshold, and the tiniest thing is sending me over the precipice and into a hissy fit! :(

Logged on to read some posts for motivation/moral support. It has helped - came across a great one this morning from MadCatWoman, in which she stated something that I'd pretty much said to my husband only 10 mins prior - I can't give in otherwise I've got to either (1) smoke until I die, or (2) go through this and those even worse early weeks again on the next quit attempt. Oh no, neither of those are an option!!

I can't believe I'm feeling this bad at 11 weeks. I haven't had any nicotine at all for over 9 weeks. I kept some NRT in case of emergency, but have managed not to succumb, even in difficult times. But OMG, this little episode is killing me, and I have been tempted to reosrt to NRT (still better than smoking!). I'm still resisting, as in my infrequent lucid moments whilst I'm in this pickle, I can just about remind myself that I have no physical need, I'm just being brainwashed.

We are going to go off out for the day - do anything that wll calm me and/or lift my spirits. Some holiday shopping should do it methinks. :)

I wish this b*st*rd of a nictone terrorist would just get the message, and f*** off and leave me alone! :mad:

So, back to finding some inner strength and sheer bloody-mindedness - I will not smoke today. Oooh - feeling better already. Thank goodness for this forum!

Hope everyone else is doing well and feeling better than I am! Thank you for letting me rant! Ending this less than positive post with a big smile :D

Shazza x

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