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Back again - this time for good (hopefully)!

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Well, I was going so strongly with the quit and was feeling pretty good about making it to week 3 when - wham! I fell off the quitting wagon with a bump. No excuses or attempts at justification - having read what a lot of others have been through, my 'bad day' was pathetically straightforward.

Still, looking on the positive, I have made it to week three so know that I can do it again. I had scaled back on the boiled sweets etc too early, so won't do that again. And 22 days non-smoking last month is better than none.

Onwards and upwards to the penthouse this time (fingers crossed).

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Well I wish you the very best. What will be different this time given the same situation as last time which triggered you to start again?

Kent, sorry you had a wee stumble but a big well done for picking yourself up, dusting yourself down and getting straight back on with the journey. That takes courage and comittment and you should be suitably proud of yourself. :)

You'll be that much stronger and wiser and I am sure you won't allow Nic to take advantage of a bad day to trip you up again. Onwards, ever onwards and the Penthouse lighthouse up there on the clifff will guide you all the way to permanent freedom. :D

I think we learn from these stumbling blocks and use the knowledge to make you stronger in your quit. I recently failed and tried to make myself feel better with some fags, they were flipping awful and I mean really nasty, they never helped me feel better so I ditched them after a few days and quit again which in turn made me feel better. Good luck and stay positive xx

Hey up...... I'm nearly coming up to three weeks of smoking and believe me, the last week has been a struggle more than the beginning.... Maybe cause I know it's serious, I mean business in stopping, that makes it more of a challenge.... So I know how ure feeling.... Appreciate ure post as it doesn't make any excuses about things.... Makes me more determined to keep going.... Good luck, u got the right attitude to stop....... Let's get the three week club going....

Ha ha meant nearly three weeks of no smoking.... iPads.... Fault.

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