No Smoking Day
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Still here

Well I'm now starting day 13 today:D

Couldn't get on the forum yesterday for some reason, kept getting an error page:confused:

I usually feel sick when I take the morning champix but have done something different today and feel fine.

I usually take it after 15 mins of getting up with black coffee, on an empty stomach, then spend time waiting for the nausea to wear off.

Today I took it an hour after getting up, with a dry biscuit and a cup of tea, and I don't feel sick at all:)

Could be just a flook, so I'll have to try it again tomorrow and see what happens:confused:

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well done cakecorner!! That was a good idea, hopefully it will work for you :) glad you are still with us and you are doing so well. Its day 11 for me and i had a few bad days there, but feeling alot better today. Keep at it and well done !


Good to see your still doing so well Cake and Sylvick in your quits :D

wont be long till your reaching the 1 month room


I'm still here too :D day 11 today...

Well done Sylvic & cake we are all doing so well :) Una is still going strong too so looks like there will be a few of us in the month room :D

Denise x


Good going guys;)


Good going everyone, the Norseman will be joining you all in month 1 soon enough! What... Ya that's right, I am not smoking today.



Good to see you doing so well Vike. Bet you're glad you went CT now. There is only one time when I really want to smoke and that is when I've been to the supermarket and come in and make a cup of tea. That isn't hard to cope with :-)


Yes Denise I'm still here. Too tired to do anything else. I don't even have the energy to plug the ipad into the mac :-( I'm thinking it must be depression. It isn't anything to do with stopping smoking though. It's being in this house. I've been home 3 months and I would normally have booked my flight by this time. I notice I start to go downhill when I come back here. Too many memories and it was mum's birthday yesterday. I just wish I lived anywhere else but here. The rain isn't helping either. I've got to pull myself together.


well done una for sticking with it, it gets hard at times especially when we feel at a low, but keep at it you are doing so well, hope the mood lifts soon, have you tried walking, swimming ect it does help you just have to talk yourself into doing something, well done everyone else also we are doing so well, Keep up the good work and keep dusting the nicko devil off your shoulder !!


I went for a long walk yesterday. I would swim if I was in a hot country. Don't feel much like it with the rain belting down. Spent the afternoon looking for a painter to do my hall and bathroom. That doesn't require too much effort on my part and let's face it I've saved the money instead of blowing it away :-) I've even decided to have all new internal ready painted doors so I'll only have the frames and skirting to do. I don't really mind hanging the wallpaper. I'm not so great at climbing up and down since I broke my hip but I can take my time. Doesn't really need to be finished in a day :D


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