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Still here and hanging tough

so that is me into my 6th month. No problems really - occasional low level crave, a good bit heavier - on the way down again though:).

Seem to have a sort of permanent sort of chest infection though. I guess it is my lungs clearing themselves but I wish it would clear up, its getting in the way of me feeling as good as i think i should.

does that make sense/strike a chord?

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Congrats getting to Month 6, Satanic Mechanic! You've really made it through the tough bit! Hope your chest clears up soon, too. Take care!


Hi SM :D

Well done into month six that's great

Sorry about the chest though as you say probably just your lungs clearing themselves but maybe you could just check with the Dr

If it is a chest infection antibiotics will clear it up for you


Marg xx


ahhh nicely done.. glad your still there.. not seen a post from you for a while :)

Congrats on completing 5 months, and good luck for month 6 although you should do just fine.. especially with christmas/new year now out of the way.

Hope all is well for you :)



Well done Satanic

Congrats on 6 months - things really do start level out now - though I would say that I'm keeping a weather eye on the situation, don't want to become complaicent.

I'm focussing on the weight thing, for me it was more a case that whilst I could still do intense cardio I was maintaining my weight, since I haven't been able to it has been a battle and christmas was the last stand, made myself ill New Year on the booze and food but am still having to *rationalise* my eating habits to get me to eat healthily.

Not had a proper cold yet, just low level mucus at the back of throat - snotty nose too recently. Am waiting for my first real chest infection to hit, almost think it will help get rid of all the left over gunk in the lungs.



Well done 5 months done is great. Wishing you many more.



hey sm,

congrats on getting into the 6th month. Its a great achievement. I know what you mean about the permanent chest infection. I've had sores in the linings of my nose that have been trying to heal for about 6 weeks. Its been a proper pain in the ass. It seems to have taken forever to heal, but really in the grand scheme of things its pretty bloody amazingly quick considering how many years i've been putting 120 °C smoke through them. No one else on the board seems to have mentioned this so I figured it was just me. Its odd how everyone's body is different.

Are you actually a mechanic?! If so it might be something to do with all the fumes and stuff when at work making your chest having a especially hard time clearing out? dunno, one a theory i guess. I'm lost as to why my nose is so screwed. (and no I don't do loads of coke if thats what you thinking!)

congrats again mate,




yup, we;; done! hope the lungs improve soon



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