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OMG - Month 3!


Hell Co-Quitters

OMG - I'm in Month 3 (and that sounds like a dodgy bit of poetry!). :)

I've only just realised that close of play Thursday was my end of Month 2! I suppose that means things must be getting better one way or another. But I still do think about and/or feel like I want to smoke more regularly than I would have thought at this stage.

The main point of focus and motivation is that I still haven't smoked for 62.5 days (let's not forget the half, can't call it 63 days until I get up tomorrow morning!). That also means I've been in excess of 50 days without any nicotine as well. :p

Just goes to show that the psychological addiction is infinitely stronger than the physical. I continue to tell my lingering sub-conscious nicotine monster that it can try all it likes, but I will not give in to a terrorist! :D

Happy smoke free weekend, despite the weather! :(

Best wishes and ongoing best of luck to all of you.

Shazza x

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Well done Shazz keep on freein yerself doll :D x

Hey hey Shazza month 3. Good for you. Happy anniversary


Well done Shazza.

I love your 'close of play' ****ogy :)

It is a bit like cricket isnt it. A long slow steady hour by hour game. You're winning though....which is fab.

Thanks chaps and chapesses for you replies.


Well done Shazza, that nicotine monster does occasionally jump out and try to catch us out, just dont be scared of it. its just an old habit waving at you. pass it by.


Well done Shazza! Keep on going, you are right about the psycological addiction but as Mash says just let it pass you by. You have done brilliantly up to now long may it continue.:)

Welcome to Month 3 Shazza - lets get this party started:)

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