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No Smoking Day
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Omg 6 months and 6 days so far

Yep still hanging on in there. Have I suffered? Hell yea, Am I still fighting..........yep and I'm very proud of myself 😄.

My partner and I decided last night that we think you should go a full year before really getting to grips with this losing a disgustingly smelly cancer stick friend, I mean, we go on holiday in a couple of months and I have been worrying......yes worrying about what I am going to do at the Airport now I don't smoke.......normally the time is spent buying a coffee then going to the awful outside area that is like a cage to smoke as much as possible hoping we are going to get enough nicotine into our systems to get us through our flight. I don't need it anymore........omg I have to fill the time some other way!!

Not going outside at work for your ciggy break..........I go to the loo now just cos I can.

My mind has to learn how to stop living around ciggies, we are getting there and each day's getting a lil easier.

Still suffering anxiety tho it's getting better and still suffering indigestion apparently most of which is due to the anxiety but again getting a lil better.

The best bit is the urge to smoke is well and truely subsiding.........I don't want to even have one puff of a ciggy because I would be back to day one and don't want to risk being as poorly again because of it.

I hope everyone is doing ok........I want to know if walkabout is on here, nor heard from him in so long

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Well done Wendy keep it up yiu are doing so well, no we havnt heard from Walkabout for about a month now, hope he's doing okay,


I do hope walkabout is ok, he really helped me out. I must admit if I am really struggling I have to stay off here because it makes my anxiety high.........only had the anxiety since packing in ciggies........lost my crutch, building my own new one now so no more ciggies and goodbye anxiety


WendyDiana, congratulations. stay the course and stay strong. Your doing great. It's funny you mention airports as that's one of the main things i appreciate not having to deal with anymore as a former smoker.


Hi Wendy

Why do you think being in this forum increases your anxiety ? Hope your still doing okay


I think it's because it makes me think more lol. I am not really bothered about smoking but the withdrawal symptons I have been getting are still raging and making my life really difficult x


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