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Major test

Ok, I'm going away next weekend with a heavy smoking mate.

We're going to the UK darts open in Bolton. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but we went last year and had a great time. I was also a smoker last year and our routine was - go for a wee - out for a fag - back to the bar - and back to our seats.

I have though about this weekend since the very start of my quit and have given myself a good talking to. I reckon if I can get through this then I've cracked it.

I am taking lots of minis and also have a couple of patches left, even though I'm allergic to them!

I'm not relying on my mate to make it easier as we all know smokers are selfish and want us to be back smoking again.

Thank god the players don't drink and smoke while playing anymore - yes I am old enough to remember that!!!

Any tips would be welcome but looks like its my round every time as I will be

skipping the going out bit.

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it is hard doing something that normally would involve smoking its def a toughy the only advise i can give you is not to drink too much pace yourself and still go outside but suck a mint instead if your able to get one of those fake ciggies which i know isnt always a good thing as your trying to break the hand to mouth habit as well but it might help if your getting really desperate to puff on one you can get them from most chemists they look like a real one just dont light it :p

also trying to think positive and just try concentrating on having a good time will help as well

i to remember the days of the players smoking and drinking as they played it always amazed me as most of them seem to be so drunk but still managed to get a bullseye and win the match :D

hope you have a brill time




Thanks Carol. I think the point about going out is a good one because if I don't I might think I'm missing out on something:confused:

Not sure about the fake cig but will arm myself with lots of mints:)


Karri if I fail I certainly won't use anyone as an excuse as I know I would only have myself to blame.

As for selfish smokers, my mate has already tried to indicate that because I am no longer smoking it will ruin the weekend some how?

I remember something Alan Carr said in his book which I read a few years ago, smokers feel they are in a gang - do you want to be in my gang - no thanks x


Have a great time at the darts Magz. Remember that your friend wont be having a better time than you.......he/she will just be forced to nip out again and again and again to feed an addiction. Thats the reality. A hungry addiction that is just NEVER that even when the darts weekend has come and gone they will still be having to nip out over and over and over to feed their monster. No matter where they are.....and no matter that it costs them almost 8 quid a packet to do it. Nah. You'll be fine Magz. Just enjoy the darts. :)


Hi Magwillz

Gosh, I haven't been on all week, been so busy. So by now, you'll already been in Bolton I suspect.

I'm sure you'll get through it fine - especially now you're in Month 3. :D Woo Hoo :D

Hope you had a fab weekend at the darts.

Please post to let us all know how you got on.



Hope uve been a good girl Mag !!! hehe, you will be fine , u are strong in ya quit now stop wurrying Mrs :D x


I'm back and still smoke free. You've no idea how GOOD it feels:D:D:D

I can honestly say it didn't bother me. My friend was driving and she even smoked in the car, how bad was that?

I drank loads too much and had one polo mint haha.

I didn't feel very well on the Saturday and had that horrible metal taste and the empty feeling at the pit of my stomach - you know the one - think it was the last throws of the nicodemon. Nothing to do with the alcohol of coarse!

So onwards and upwards. I see loads starting a new quit this month, good luck to you all. If I can do this so can you xxx


Well done Mag. Good to see you pass the test.


Well done Mags! Glad you enjoyed your weekend without the smokes! You should be very proud of yourself. Give your self a pat on the back you deserve it.:D:D:D


Never doubted you for a second are invincible :D


Hi Magwillz

That is really fab news - well done you!

Month 3 it is then - from your other post - let's get the party started!

I'm a little concerned that we seem to have a playmate Missing in Action though. Have you heard from Joan Law? I don't think she's posted since the beginning of the month. Put a visitor message on her page but no reply. I hope she's OK. :eek:



Thanks Shaz I feel so good right now.

I asked the same question about Joan on the egg and soldier sight but no response yet. Hope she's ok:confused:


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