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Facing a major trigger this weekend!


I'm having a WEEKEND AWAY with friends so will be in HOLIDAY MOOD and will be DRINKING ALCOHOL! Could be a recipe for disaster! :eek:

Sorry, just had to share that cause maybe by sharing it I'll make sure I don't cave in. I hope!

If anyone has any tips for this sort of situation by the way then feel free to share. I seem to think I'm 18 again and invincible any time I go on holiday, and that's BEFORE I've had a drink! :o

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Have a look at this thread. You've just got to keep reminding yourself why you doing this.

Make a list of why you're quitting anD carry it around with you to remind yourself in times of temptation!

Remember! NOT A SINGLE PUFF!!!!

Arrgghhh - im goin to butlins on 1st and sharing with 2 smokers!!!!!! will also think im 18 again (i have a good memory) and drink copious amonts of vodka, dance all night and then the next day when im hung over and my knees need ibuleve to get them working again...... i will remember im not! lol :(

we must have a mantra.......thinking..........i'll get back to you


30 days into my quit my son took me for a weeks skiing in Austria as a treat. Even in full bore holiday mode I never really fancied a cigarette once.

Just keep it in mind that you want to remain a non-smoker.

im off to Liverpool 2nd feb, me & hubby and another couple, thing is shes the only smoker now. will i be able to let her tramp outside in a strange city alone ? no i wont i will have to be very very strong. ive done it before outside pubs with her but all weekend is something else. we must have a mantra........:confused:

they smell....they smell....they smell

lol still thinkin:)

Ahh I just know that a venture out to a pub or a club is going to kill this for me, it sounds pathetic but I will need to resist the temptation.

Glad you are all doing so well!

I have managed pretty well in the pub so far. Getting used to smelling it on other folks when they come back in the pub. A good tip for when you are drinking is to change what you drink. I have known a few people do that.

I have been back on the real ales, bitter and Guinness over the last few months anyway and I don't feel the desire to smoke when drinking these. For years I drank lager and cider and kind of associated these drinks with smoking (especially crap lager). I have had the occasional bottle of lager at home and pint of Strongbow at the end of the night with no trouble.

I'm just getting fed up of sleeping problems now!:mad:

they smell....they smell....they smell

Brilliant!!! :D

Well at least none of the people I'm going away with are smokers so that should help. In fact they are all totally anti-smoking. Not that I've EVER listened to any of them when I've had a drunken urge for a cigarette!

I'm determined to stay strong! :cool:

Thanks Boudee! :)

My boyfriend said he's going to withhold sexual favours if I smoke. That should do it! :p

Alec thats a great point i did the same, change your drink!

Jojo and SSS :p

when you wake up, morning after you will be feeling 100 times better than your smoking friends!!

That is when it comes so worthwhile and you can rub their faces in it :D

when you wake up, morning after you will be feeling 100 times better than your smoking friends!!

That is when it comes so worthwhile and you can rub their faces in it :D

That is so true actually! I'll think about the next morning if I get tempted. After a night on the smokes I would normally be coughing my lungs up all day the next day and would just feel rotten!

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