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Boredom is a major problem for quitters

Boredom can lead to temptation and I know this only too well. I have tried to quit several times before I eventually succeeded. I found each time, boredom brought up my stress levels, I spent more time thinking about smoking. I think the key to battle this problem is to keep active, both physically and mentally.

Been active helps with the bodies recovery rate and this in turn will lead to a strong feel good factor and will build a great self belief! Please comment:p

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totally agree with you............i work as a support worker and when client goes to bed bout 9ish my 1st thought is go for a ciggie but just now i dont and her house is gleaming lol also got a good book to get my head into and comp to fiddle with and keep fingers busy lol


these are the tough times

Yea Maries66, these are the tough times where the finger twiddling is very important. Its just a habit that has to be broken. I myself would always smoke after I finished something, no matter what it was. I kinda felt rewarded at the end of a task, with the lighting up of a cigarette. Easily pleased, some might say. But I'm sure you can understand, been in the same boat from time to time!:(


I agree I found boredom a problem at first, I realised I often smoked when bored, my something to do. I found reading on here a great help with that.

Congratulations on your quit, I noticed when you posted somewhere today that you are nearly a year quit, brilliant.



yeah i'm with you guys on the bordom thing. smoking was my thing to do to pass any amount of time. sometimes i would just sit in the back garden on weekends and just smoke and sit, as i couldnt be bothered to create anything else to do. haha. hilarious really.

this website definately helped to fill that gap when quitting and I think is one of the fundemental reasons for succeding this time round. typing takes care of the twiddly finger syndrome nicely too :)


The garden smoke

I remember those days in the garden with a fresh 20 to delve into. I also couldn't have been bothered with anything else at the time once I had my ciggies, crazy really when you think about it. If I didnt have any there isn't much I wouldn't have done to get my hands on some! I was a whore to nicotine to put it mildly.:D


Boredom is annoying and I can fully see how it could lead to ruined quits if not recognised and dealt with (planned ahead for).

Reading your posts about lazing the garden smoking....... Arrgghhhhh... just had a 'future panic/sadness' :( Reading a book where you still don't know what the ends going to be ...... every plot that is about to be revealed and has been tense and great in arriving at just has to have a smoke with the last x amnt of pages - hmmmmmm, will it ever be the same again... that final revelation with no smoke?

No... it will still be good but it won't be the same.


reading and replying to thes posts helps..... dont have much time to be bored as I am half way though an NVQ4 in management, my problem is focusing on anything I need to use my mind... works a nighmare as I manage project and have to lead it.....

practical things I can do

I have been thinking of a new interest, maybe volunteer work to balance smoking time.... lol thing about time you do nothing smoking in a day and transfer to how u can help others.

thanks all 4 ur support.


Smoking doesn't relieve boredom, it just makes you sick while you are still bored! That's my take on it anyway. :p

But, I do get what you mean. Since stoppping I have been reading loads, doing facials, having long baths, making strange potions (oatmeal face scrub anyone), all sorts of things to fill time. I have strangely found myself much more productive! And I have, due to trying to find things to do, been treating myself much nicer lately. I never used to bother pampering myself, I just smoked!


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