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Back after major lapse

I'm back for another go having failed a pretty good first attempt. Got through nine months until the end of May when I started smoking again.

After more than 5 months I'm back to square one, but today is day 4 of a new beginning and I'm up for the challenge. Have loaded up on Cranbury juice, peanuts and liquorice.

Major jitters today but I know I can handle the physical side of it... cant wait to feel fit again!!

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Good to see you're ready to take on the challenge again. This time you have valuable lessons from your last quit in your armoury:

[*]you know how much better you feel after just a few weeks of freedom

[*]you know how much richer you feel after just a few weeks of freedom

[*]you know how much easier the battle becomes after just a few weeks of freedom

[*]you know that 'just one won't hurt' is a total myth - IT HURTS!!

[*]you know that you're back to feeding your addiction, big style, within a couple of weeks

[*]you know that THIS IS YOUR TIME

in short - you know the score

So make this the one that lasts - it's one life, no dress rehearsals:eek::eek:


9 mths is impressive. do it again please cos i missed it. Now that you've quit you have all those great feelings to come again ,like the buzz u get when you've managed a week nice and easy. One of these mornings you'll wake up and the thought of smoking wont be there anymore. you might even rise up singing and spread ypur wings, but u wont if you smoke,,, you'll just slowly choke .broke and always miss that time when you quit and felt fit .. take it back and never let it go...



To be honest your not back at square one because your quit. Even though we count days and it feels good the only thing that really matters is not smoking, which your doing so dont worry about it!

Im sure you will be fine this time, the fact your back means you enjoyed being a non smoker more! good luck to you xxx


Good Luck

The relapse was in the past - you know the pitfalls and hence a stronger person for it. This will hopefully help you to come out the other end a winner.

Be strong, good luck and hang in there



Thanks for your comments and support everyone, much appreciated.

I know each day gets easier so that makes a big difference!



Welcome back!

Just think, you're already on the last day of week 1 today. It's into week two for you tomorrow.

Keep marching on



Yes, another day done! Just keep in your mind all the things that you learned on your quit journey and you can do it! You really can! :)



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