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Nearly 3 years and having a major blip

Hi guys, please help, I will have been stopped smoking for 3 years on March 30th 2012 I feel fantastic and soooo proud of myself, out of all of my old school friends I am the only one a non smoker and that feels great BUT I am having a massive wobble I went out with a few friends a couple of weeks ago and stupidly had a couple of ciggies now I cannot get the darn things out of my head I have even been and bought 10 today and smoked half of one, my mouth tastes horrible and I so wish I hadn't done it!!!

I can feel myself heading towards that slippery slope again and I don't feel strong enough to stop it.

I could really do with some wise words from you lovely people to stop me NOW :D

Thank you x

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Hi Jess

33 months is an awesome quit, well doneyou, ... but you must NOT lose it now.

Hopefully someone with better experience of this quit racket will be along shortly to give some advice but for what it's worth I'll give you some of my thoughts.

You obviously have got enough nicotine back in your system for it to be playing tricks with your brain but the few smokes you have had should not have caused major damage. However, you must stop N O W.

You haven't told us what help you got with your quit or if you did cold turkey. If you used some NRT then it may be a good idea to go back on, just to be sure you get this stopped. If you did cold turkey, then renew your resolve quickly or even consider some NRT for a little while til you get your head sorted.

Also you seem to be new to this forum .... so read as much as possible in here... you will find similar problems (and solutions, hopefully ). Keep posting, tell us how you are, we will keep trying to help.



PS ....Bin the rest of that pack NOW......


Hi Jess,

I've just failed after a nearly 3 month quit.. and like you have given up for 3 years in the recent past.

All I can say is if you start to smoke again you may "enjoy" it for a while, but then you'll start coughing, your breathing with be affected, your fingers will be stained and you'll smell of smoke.

And you'll want to quit ...all over again

Remember the anxiety of making that decision, the day by day monitoring of yourself, trying not think about smoking. You're free now. You don't want to go back there

Be proud of what you've achieved and do whatever it takes to quieten that little voice in your head.

You CAN do it!



Jess, I'm no expert but smoking is like riding a bike you never forget how to do it and more importantly you are still an addict even after 3 years . I quit some years ago for 4 odd years and then foolishly smoked a cigar one new years eve - that was me hooked again. Have now done 7 weeks and doing OK, Unfortunately you have woken up the nico receptors in your brain and they are now playing merry hell inside your head. Ain't no easy way out of this apart from throw cigs away and knuckle down again, if it was me I wouldn't take any NRT as you havn't started smoking properly again this I think would make situation worse as you would be feeding habit you havn't yet developed.

Be strong you know you can do this.



I agree with Jonnie....I wouldn't have NRT...even the low dose would probably give you headaches and side affects from the nicotine as you're not fully addicted to it again.....YET! NRT would also help you to become addicted to nicotine as well. Put those fags in the the bin...and stay quit. From being a recent smoker all you have to look forward too is:

Poor health, shortened life span, less money, hacking cough, yellow teeth, yellow fingers, smelly breath, smelly clothes and hair, breathlessness, being antisocial...a long with a score of other things.

Seriously, smoking gives the smoker nothing in are paying for something to shorten your life and not get anything from it. Try to remember the reasons why you quit personally in the first place, bolster your resolve and kick this filthy, dirty habit to the kerb where it belongs.



Aww thanks everyone, I stopped smoking cold turkey using alan carrs easy way to quit, I can honestly say it has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do!!!

Ok, the fags are snapped and in the bin!! I have reminded myself of all the horrible bad things that come with being a smoker and had a good long think of how fantastic I feel to be a non smoker :)

Back to normal routine tomorrow which does not include me smoking, I feel alot stronger now I have written it all down and had a good long think!!


Oh and I have got my chewing gum at the ready (again)


I have been off the cigarettes for nearly three years also. Just think of and remember how awful it smells. Find someone who smokes outside and stand next to them and smell. I know it sounds strange but it really turns you off


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