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The Norseman Rowing Again

Well, after around 50 days smoke free, things went south quickly wih my life, I smoked for around 25 days to "cope" and just finished the last one. I realize that smokes don't help the stress and dissapointments, but they kept me from reaching for bottles. So, here we go again! Here's hoping I can stomp the anger stage as it gets me every time. I soaked and tore up the last two in the pack. Tomorrow will be day 1, as it will be the first full day without smoking again. Breathe easy everyone, I can't wait to.

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Haven't smoked, definitely scowling at everything. Case of beer for the sunny day may help.


Scowl scowl scowl..........doesnt matter Viking. Just dont smoke.

Deep breathing helped me. Well done and good luck.


I remember what a friend did to help herself during her quit.

She hit the garage sales, and bought all the cheap china dishes and glassware she could lay her hands on.

When things got a little tense, she went out behind her own garage with a box or two of the cheap china, and threw dishes and glasses up against the wall, smashing them to bits.

Soon enough, the anger passed, and she went on with her life. (She kept a large piece of plastic by that wall to catch the broken china.)

Maybe you could try something like that?


DGee, that is a wonderful idea, I will have to hit up some yard sales this weekend. Day = Made.


Welcome back big man and well done in keeping to your word about starting another quit this weekend.

I have been looking at Day 1 area and was beginning to lose faith in you. :o

It's a real shame we don't share the same quit date anymore but i totally understood your situation to puff away temporarily.

Don't forget i'm only a pm away. That hasn't changed. :)


Thanlks or the kind words everyone... And Rogue, same day or not, still your brother in arms when it comes to not smoking! Just think, after a year or so, a couple months wont seem that far at all. Perogies made me less angry haha. Breathe easy everyone!


welcome back viking :)

i love the idea of smashing crockery when your feeling stressed sounds like a really good way of letting of steam :D

just remember to keep posting on here

onwards and upwards is the way to go :)


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