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Day 4 and starting to struggle!

Hi all! Actually managed to get to day 4today (at 5pm), never had the urge to quit however I have just been diagnosed with a chest infection and this seemed to trigger a response within me for the better I hope :)

My main problem is, I can deal with the urge for a cigarette quite easily, but what is worrying me is my psychological response! i have been totally nutty today! I must also explain that I have just started my antibiotics today and they too in the past have impacted on me in such a way. I guess my question is, when does the mental fog, dizziness and feelings of anger and anxiety disappear... Any advice is greatly received :)

P.s been smoking approx 25 a day for 10 years xxx

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mrs H

you are doing so well, I tried 10 times to respond to you and for some reason i couldn't,

keep up the good work, this forum helps alot, it is the only one that really helps!

probably lots of people have tried to send you messages but the site isn't working properly.

it takes a long time to give it up, but just take one day at a time.



Honestly ?? you have got quite a bit of a road too travel yet luv, but if ya serious about your quit, you will just take the ruff with the smooth, and hold on tight Mrs , good luck with your quit and well done on your decision , dont look back :) xx


Well done Mrs H :)

I guess my question is, when does the mental fog, dizziness and feelings of anger and anxiety disappear... Any advice is greatly received :)

What Scousemum's approx 2 to 3 months before things balance back out...a much healthier balance out though. You should know that approx 2 to 3 months is only a gauge and you could well be different.

The main thing I wanted to add was that you actively participate in getting through those days rather than just endure them. There's plenty to read, there's plenty of time to post, there's plenty of folk here to interact with. And there's the real world you also particpate in.

Best wishes,



I imagine its hard psychologically since you say that you never had the urge to quit. But Mrs've done 4 days and thats amazing. Why dont you just see what day 5 is like....then day 6. Step by little step and i'm sure your mind will soon agree with your body that what you are doing is the best best thing. Try to relax Mrs H. You've smoked a lot for a long time and how you feel is perfectly natural. Its no biggy. And it WILL pass. Other than that I'm with Cav. Read read read. Stick to this forum like glue and read all the excellent links you'll find here.

Best of wishes to you.



Actually feel a lot better today, the brain fog has left hurrah! Certainly makes things a lot easier. Thanku for all your kind responses. I must agree that reading up on forums certainly helps :) x


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