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Day 4 - struggling this morning :-(

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Hi everyone,

I woke up this morning with my worst cravings yet! I've just applied my patch so hopefully it will kick in soon! This is the worst I've felt yet, I woke up in a mood for some reason so think that is the cause :(

Motavation needed!!!!

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Do anything to occupy yourself and then you will be amazing at how quickly it's passed!

Keep telling yourself why you've quit and keep these in your mind, don't even let the little nicodemon creep in with his thoughts, tell him to shove off!

You're doing great well done and keep positive



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Eat cake

Hi Mrs Mash :)

I feel a bit gloomy myself today don't know why :( wish I could burst into tears or something grrrr. But remember we are halfway through the first week and things start to get better after that.

Remember to eat to keep your blood sugar up and drink plenty of water. I've still got plenty of cake, want some? *passes Mrs Mash a slice of cake* oops, sorry about the crumbs all over ya puta screen :eek:

Keep going Mrs, we CAN do this ;)

Zoe xxxx

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I agree with Sara. If you keep yourself busy, you'll find the cravings pass. They may come and go in waves... Don't try to fight them off, but rather ride them out. The essential thing is to accept the fact you will get craves, and when they hit, remind yourself that it's normal. Typically the crave cycles will become further and further apart, but whatever you do, don't give in to them!


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Thanks everyone! Going to have a cleaning day today to keep myself busy it doesnt help that the stupid patch keeps falling off :mad:

Thanks for the cake Zoe, I needed that lol :)

Not going to let it beat me, it's just a bad day!

Thanks again everyone! Hope your all doing well :D

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Oh bless you, my day 4 and am doin good, hope you are better 2morra,

bet you have a spotless house to-day lol, keep up the good work you are doing great,

best of luck to you all with your quits, hugs to you all, xxx:cool:

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Well I'm soo glad that day is over! I've a lovely clean house as well as clean lungs so proud I stuck it out and didn't give in! Here's hoping day 5 is better :)

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Good one, Mrs M :)

Regards those pesky patches falling off, get some tape and use that to help the patches staying on. When I say tape I don't mean *Blue Peter* sticky backed plastic aka sellotape, but rather tape you could buy at the chemist.

Another thing, remember to avoid sticking the patch on the same place every day. That would just cause irritation and worse issues.

Have a great day 5 :)

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good for you, mrs mash - It can be really tough in the early days. Do whatever it takes to get through, and then really be proud when you get to the end of another day. It keeps on getting easier, promise. You do have to stick out some hard days - but you've had one now, and survived it, so you know it's doable!

Stick two fingers up to that stupid addiction and keep on trucking!

Helen x

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