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Starting Day 4 with questions

This is my third attempt at quitting and Im farther I have ever been in it. However on the starting of my day 4, a couple of people have mentioned that you never stop craving so it is not worth stopping.

While I understand the health implications of smoking, iswhat they say true that these cravings will go on as they are right now with as strong a frequency? Because if that is the case, it would be very hard for me to continue the struggle with that from now tilteh end of time.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

I gave up for 8 years when I was younger (not that I am old now :D) but took up smoking again at 24. I remember that I did have times when I wished I smoked but that was because everyone around me did and I felt left out. I didn't crave cigs just thought it.

I am now 40 days smoke free and I still think about it, wish I could have just one :eek: but I am wiser and know I can't because that will just put me back on the fast track to failing myself. I don't physically crave them it is all just thoughts and I get over them really easily - so in answer to your question no they are not strong like the early days. As time goes on those thoughts will be less as they have diminished over the days more and more.

This is the best choice you can make. Stick with it and then tell those people how wrong they were. If you get passed the first 3/4 days then nicotine is out of your body and it is just a case of dealing with the thought process and habit.

Well done on getting to day 4 :) you should be really proud of yourself



26 years of smoking, I kinda figured it would be a tough go. I will say this the first 3 days of this attempt have been a lot easier than the last 2 times I attempted it, which in return does give me optimism of actually doing this. My biggest concern is what I previously stated (yeah I got some real weiners errrr winners at work tryign to bring me down on this) of it being this bad all the time. If it isnt the case and the mind games start to cease I should do it.

BTW Noticing everyones tag of when they stopped and how, seeming how Im internet unsavvy:

September 26, 2011 12:00am

Cold Turkey and a few Tootsie Pops.


Maybe not the right area but the reason why I know this is going to happen this time is on my second day, I had lost my wallet (it was under the covers on my bed for some reason) but instead of stopping and looking for a smoke and going bonkers because everything is there I just calmly looked for my wallet. Being able to do that undermines most anything anyone can say to me. Again my main concerne was the intensity, but if you all say it dies down I will take your word for it and move on. BTW 75 hours smoke free!!


Hi Sladeninj and congrats on being into Day 4:cool: I am nearing the end of Day 6 and I can honestly say that the cravings do start to reduce once the nicotine has left your body. Day 3 was the worst for me, it was a nightmare and I thought I would be stuck like that forever:D Day 4 was quite easy but then I had a really bad few hours on Day 5 and nearly caved in. So glad I didn't. And yesterday was the best so far - by the evening I was ecstatic about not smoking:D I remember how impatient I was when I was still smoking, if I ran out of cigs and went to the shop for more I was so grumpy and could hardly wait my turn! Now when I see cigs on the shelves I think no, I don't want those. So it definitely does get easier, you are over the worst now so stay strong and keep posting on here.

Enjoy your quit,



Hi Sladeninj

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Lingy :)


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