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Woke up and smelt the fags

Woke up to the smell of cigarettes .. My wife was having her first of the day by the back door as it was raining outside. Not the greatest start but here I am at day three and still going strong.

Last night was tough. Once I had done my run and had nothing to occupy myself the cravings were worse. I'm trying hard not to obsess about it and just get on with life. I'm still getting a buzz off of doing this though .. I know that once I get past days 3-5 this is going to get easier.

Going for a walk at lunchtime to look for fruit in a bid to avoid the deep fried options at the works canteen.

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Day 3 is like a watershed in the manner that you're quitting as the nicotine will be out of your system. An excellent milestone.

Not intending to put the wind up you but once the drug is out of your system you will still have the psychological aspect to contend with. But Carr's Easyway is a great fillip to changing one's mindset and, if you are one of those folk that 'get it' it goes a long way towards reducing the psychological pull.

Great that you do some physical exercise because that also should help to focus your mind. But what of those downtime gaps? Maybe in this short term make a list of things of jobs that need down around the home, interests that need internet researched, or even reading into the quitting process. Anything really to keep you occupied whilst you get used to not slowly poisoning yourself with nicotine.

Congrats, bowenp01 :)


Yeah .. that's good advice. I've got a whole pile of stuff to keep me going. I think I've planned for the short term quite well ..

I'm more worried about getting complacent later on . Last quit I made it to three months and thought I had it cracked. Then I got drunk on new years eve .. had a ciggie and within two weeks I was back to smoking ten a day.

I cant let that happen this time round !


Still on my guard

Hi there and all the luck on your new quit. I noticed that you had gone 3 months on your last quit andd I've noticed that quite a few people start again around the 3 months, so is this a trigger time we have to watch out for, cos I am on month 4 now and have had a few craves today or is it cos I have comeb off all the nrt.



Well done on starting your quit again. I hope this is the quit of all quits for you.

I think it is probably a good idea to concentrate on your quit now and not so far in the future. When you do get to 3 months you have one big thing in your favour this time. You now have the experience and know where you went wrong last time so you will be prepared this time.


The Terrible Three syndrome. Some or most of us have experienced that hang up whether it's 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, etc. There's a link in my sig about this issue. Broadly it speaks about getting comfortable when you approach the 3 month period; the early fight has become a lot easier and craves have reduced in severity. Inasmuch we can get complacent and from there can be blind sided by a strong urge.

I looked further into this and Joel from WhyQuit (link also in my sig) speaks about the seasonal changes and coming up against a new scenario to deal with in our new non smoking lives - Spring to Summer with it's holidays, Autumn to Winter and it's Christmas and/or New Year.

Getting a full 12 months out of the way marks all our usual yearly activities: birthdays, xmas, New Year, anniversaries, holidays. That doesn't mean to say that you should be overally concerned until you reach the full year. Read up and get some knowledge about this stopping process...knowledge is power.


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