No Smoking Day
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Glad to get in here but woke up feeling that panic feeling

I think it may be to do with the patch as I've had it before- and nightmares!

But I feel good- I don't get hardly any cravings with the patch and it makes it fairly easy for me. Determined this time.

Day 1 ( hopefully the last of many) was also pretty easy apart from the familiar feeling of being stugk in the fridge, and wanting that buzz from anything- drank a lotta coffee and ate a lot of chocolate.

Going to do it this time- been here too many times.

Going to go shopping, as that always cheers me up!

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Hi Jude75,

I so hate that panicky feeling as soon as you open your eyes. It was so strong for me it was the reason for many a failed quit or not even starting to quit. I did manage to ride it through with the help of patches & am so glad to say I don't get them now.

The stupid thing was I found once I was up & made a cuppa etc it had gone.

it will go I promise. As for the food & drinking, thry to choose healthy options but if they don't hit the spot what the heck. Can sort all that out when you are good and ready ;)

Good luck for today :D

Love Gaynor xx


Thanks Gaynor- Final push to REALLY do it now! I WILL do it!


Hi Jude :D

Day 2 well done just hang in there

Sorry you woke with a panicy feeling but that will go soon

Glad to hear you feel good with few craves


Marg xxxxxxx


you can do it Jude! we here with you all the way :D


Hi Jude - not being a know all but it may be interesting for you to know that when you quit the cigs you actually absorb over double the caffeine you would when you are smoking - so if you can choose some non caffeine drinks - i.e. not coffee and not tea instead some of the time you may find the feelings dispel slightly - as I say not interfering !! I found fruit teas a good substitute but they are not for everybody and replaced sugar with honey !! :)


Love it thanks bman.:D

Hobo, Had indeed been wondering about the caffiene thing as i do drink a lot of diet coke. Will try and cut it down again to see if makes a difference. But yeah the feeling is there before i even properly wake up if you know what i mean.


I sympathise !!! I ended up with Caffeine free diet coke on my first attempt at quitting !!!!!! How sad is that !! - I will be joining you again very soon in the fight believe me !!! - everybody has different problems it would seem ! - mine was the giddiness / wobbly head scenario but I am preparing myself for that one and am determined to eat little and often regularly through the day to stabilse the old blood sugar malarkey !! I did find I was drinking masses of water so that can only be a good thing - good luck - you can do this for sure you have already proved that - if we fall we go again - that is what's important - Peta


Do you take your patch off before u go sleep? I do .. it seems whenever i leave a patch on at night, i get bad dreams and keep waking up in the night too.

I did the same last night, left one on by mistake, and i was awake at about 4.45am this morning after some crazy dream.


i was busy telling people Id quit for 2 weeks in one of my dreams last night.

i did smile when i realised that this morning :o


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