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Day 13-exercise OMG!


Day 13 and still not smoking, to be absolutely honest I don't feel any better for it yet, I ache all over, hot sweats at night, breathless, I guess it's different for different people! Had to go to the docs and see the nurse this week, she told me im fine, blood pressure, pulse etc and as an ex smoker herself told me to be prepared to feel worse before it got better and to persevere! She did offer me nrt but i declined it! I definitely do not want a smoke so thats a good sign! Tried a 10 min run today to start getting rid of some of these extra pounds I seem to be piling on! It was so hard i was exhausted and i ache even more now than i did before i went, still it can only get better, a bit at a time and all will come good I'm sure!

How's everyone else doing? Ok I hope!


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Hi. Tracy well done on starting running. I have just started the couch to 5k programme also to shift extra pounds but like you I have found it difficult, I used to regularly run 10ks but I was 20 years younger and 2 stone lighter. I am sure that you will start to feel better soon. Good luck.:)

Day 13 & other things

Hello Tracy Michael in Glasgow pounding the ivories. Like yourself I suffered all sorts of withdrawals and even now some 100+ days into my quit they still crop up.

Some 21+ years ago I quit drinking and believe me it was easier than stopping smoking. In the early days of not drinking I was as right as rain it was a cake walk or so I thought. Then the double whammy was played when I experienced ever withdrawal symptom know to man and I'm sure a few more not yet documented.

After numerous visits to my doctor for some help it was the practice nurse who put the whole stopping process in lay mans language. Her take on it was that after the easy enjoyable early days, your body suddenly realised that it was not getting its alcohol fix and I'm sure it's the same process we have to go through when stopping smoking.

However I've chalked up some 100+ days nicotine and beginning to feel almost human agin. I used patchs for roughly 8/9 weeks and attended local smoking cessation then went cold turkey. I fully realised I had to stop using the patchs simply because they contained nicotine and so far so good. To be honest I don't know if I could have went cold turkey and hopefully a day at time I won't have the occassion to try.

Regards and All the best with your quit a day at a time


p.s:- have you noticed A.A.speak creeping in

Thanks Haze, I was quite fit a couple of years ago, feel like I have to start that all over again now, still hopefully my muscles still have a bit of memory left! I'll have to look up the couch to 5k can i just look it up on the internet? it may be just what I'm looking for, my goal is to stay given up so I can do a half marathon next year! Glad I'm not the only one piling on and having trouble with getting the pile off! Xx

Hi Michael, thanks for your post, it makes me feel much better knowing I'm not a hyperchondriac because I certainly feel like one, I seem to be feeling everything at the moment! I decided cold turkey because I didn't want to prolong the withdrawal symptoms longer than necessary which is why I declined them! I'm so glad to speak to people like yourself who have all these experiences to bring to the table, I am using this forum almost like a cessation session! Well done for coming off drinking and now smoking, If you can close the lid on both those I can on just one! Best of luck with your quit, a day at a time is the easiest way to get through it, hope to speak to you again soon! Txx

Hi Tracy,

Quitting does seem to physically affect a lot of people and in many different ways. So long as you don't feel anything is very wrong, it's normal to feel out of sorts, and in some cases it can last for months. Particularly the lungs, nose and throat tend to behave oddly at first, and some people complain of generalised lethargy. The only thing I would advise is to go for a checkup at your local GP in case anything feels more than just a little odd.


I'll have to look up the couch to 5k can i just look it up on the internet?

Yup, here's one of many links I found. A good pair of running shoes and you'll be sorted :)

Ok so we have the Couch to 5K

Can anyone explain why if it is called couch to 10k When we follow the instuctions it says things like run 100 yards, walk a mile, jog 400 yards etc etc. Never once does it mention " K's " Even the final achievement is run 3 miles not 5K.

3 mile is not 5k.and you may be suprised to learn 5k is not 3 mile, Just like being hit by a car is not the same as nearly being hit by a car.

I used to run some 10k races and guess what, yes they had mile markers. Why Why Why arghhhh I find it very annoying.

and while we are on the subject why is pie always 3.142 when everyone I have bought has at least 4 slices.

Bahhhh think I'll go and have a fag.

So went outside to have a fag and remembered I dont smoke and I did not have any cigs but I beat it. I remembered I still had a couple of lighters so I burned some holes in my trousers, ah just like smoking.

Thanks Cav! X

Aitch you did make me laugh! I notice that too its never ks always miles and meters! How did you get on to pie?? Lol! You will have to buy some new trousers now! X

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