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well it will be day 8 at like 10 tonight but oh well im not going to smoke today so i might as well celebrate!!! never thought i would get here so it all gets worth it!

its true..it does actualy get easier, im going to start encouraging newbies on day 1 from now on it really helps people xxx

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Well done on completing your first week. Our little milestones feel so good don't they:D

Well done Nikki! I think that's a great idea about helping the newbies as the encouragement I get from everyone on the forum really helps me!

The good thing about supporting others is that in doing so we're actually consolidating that information in our own minds. It's totally a win/win situation :)

Oh, congrats on day 8 :cool:

Well done Nikki. So glad you are feeling good about your quit. You have done really well. Cavalier is right helping the newbies does strengthen your mindset. Big pat on your back:)

Keep going, Nikki - you are doing a grand job.

In the words of the song, The only way is up, Baby. :p

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