new to the forum and on my 11th Day of not smoking

Hi All

Just thought I would say hello as Im new to the forum and currently trying to stop smoking.

Im currently on my 11th day of not smoking and very proud of myself, things are going good so far. I even went to the pub on saturday and managed to not smoke, for new thats excellent.

Hoping to get some help and support if it all starts to go Frank Spencer

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  • Welcome to the forum, congrats on getting to day 11, day 23 for me and hubby have smoke 38 and 42 years respectively. Good luck, keep strong, keep posting, there are some great people here.:D :)

    xxxxx Pupalup xxxx

  • Thanks Pupalup, and congrats to you too, thats excellent, thanks for the support.

  • Thanks Boudee

    Im dealing with it very well, had no urges yet (touch wood) feel much happier, even more energy than I even had before which is a lot, Im currently like a 10,000 volt live wire and Im channeling all the extra energy into going to the gym.

    The reason why I gave up and what keeps me focused is my 13month yr old son. I dont want him to have a Dad who smokes, eveytime I look at him I know exactly why I have given up.

    I also like real ale and Im bit of a wine connoisseur and its never tasted so good, I cant believe what Ive been missing out on,

    Thanks for your support, :) :) :) :)

  • Hello And Welcome.

    Well done funk for getting to day 11, we are all behind you 100%

    The support on this forum is fantastic.

    There is no better incentive to quit than your kids is there, I feel like I am giving my boys a gift by no longer smoking coz now chances are that they wont smoke either, thank god, plus you are saving them from all the second hand smoke.

    Stay strong and welcome to the forum.

    Charlene :D

  • welcome!!!

    hi there funk!

    welcome to the forum, so proud of you to get to day 11, are u doing it cold turkey or a little help from something else? i am on champix with the occassional lozenger. Cant say its been too hard, but there have been moments of pangs but not enough for me to have a cig. I know i have a long way to go, but posting on here def helps!!!

    so post away and help others who help you, take care x

  • Hi Sandie

    Thanks for the support, Im going it cold turkey, for me, its the only way. 12th day today and feeling a fresh a daisy in the summer sun and going strong. How long have you quit for? keep the faith and dont even give in, its the inly way forward.

    :) :) :) :)

  • Hi Funk

    Welcome congrats 12 days thats great keep truking Linda xxx

  • A big welcome and well done on quitting x x x x

    So glad it is more



    :D hope it stays that way x x stay strong

    ~Buffy x x

  • Thanks Buffy

    You made me laugh out load in the office with those pics, especially the frank spencer one. brilliant, I love it

    :) :) :)

  • A big welcome and well done on quitting x x x x

    So glad it is more



    :D hope it stays that way x x stay strong

    ~Buffy x x

    still cant get over that pic of frank spencer, cracks me up everytime :D

  • you can hear the 'aooh betty!' rofl

  • you can hear the 'aooh betty!' rofl

    ROLF, LOL, just cant stop laughing :) :)

  • Well done and keep it up it's all down hill now for you the hardest days or well behind you ;)

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