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Day 6 !! Woop woop, go me LOL :D

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Im on to day 6 now ! really proud of myself, and tomorrow Im gonna go out shopping with the money I have saved :) I feel really good in myself, my body just feels unclogged lol... Fingers crossed the coming weeks will stay like im feeling now, or even better, as its all good :D very few cravings today, Ill keep you all updated as Im moving 'up the ladder' so to speak :) x kerry x

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That's a great idea!

I wish my body felt unclogged! I keep stuffing my face with 'stuff' and 'stuff' that isn't too good for me.

I'm going to buy new jeans and a shirt as I'm heading out with my buddies for the first time in a few years. I'm trying to lose weight....put on though so nothing fits.

Oh well....after 3 years of being married I'm not too fussed about impressing people....just looking forward to throwing some shapes and cutting the carpet.

(beware anybody who may venture out in Milton Keynes this out for the 30 somehing enjoying himself....alone...whilst being pointed at)

Staystrong: Really well done - what are you going to buy?! How exciting!!! Keep going with the quit and spoil yourself again next week..Yipppeeee!!

Stav: Fits of giggles, might even be worth the trip to MK for a giggle!!

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Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Well done Kerry thats great. Buy yourself something lovely.

Stav, you are only about 20 mins up the road from me, might come and watch you dance lol.


Brilliant! Shopping spree most definitely deserved. Enjoy, you totally deserve it x

Enjoy your shopping, you are doing great :D

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