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day 31 woop woop

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sorry that I havent been online recently. I have been super busy which is good for taking my mind off smoking.

I stayed around my other halfs familys house the other day and forgot to take extra NRT. I had to buy some in tesco, I cant believe the prices of some of the stuff. (I get mine on prescription usually)

Still got the stinking cold, but im well enough to go to work now- on the mend

hope everyone is ok and has had a nice xmas x

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Wow amazing, how time passes, a who ke month, now that's fantastic.

Be proud, maybe a little treat in order

id like a treat :D I went out to look at the sales but I couldnt find anything I wanted which was a shame. I need to have a think.

I think I have been spoilt lolz

Wow. That's a month now and well done! How about some pampering- massage, hair, pedi?

Well done xx

thanks guys

Id like to treat myself to the cinema, but i just cant condone £16.10 each to watch a film D:

thanks :D

I know right, and then i would probably have to pay for my other half to go too, so already its over £30 plus drinks/sweets and petrol! Just RANT raaaahhhhhhh

thinking of doing an orange wednesday and getting it bogoff :p

Congrats, you are doing well :)

Congratulations Sparkle. Can't believe how expensive your cinema tickets are but I agree that you deserve a treat for completing your first month.

for an extra 30p I can see the hobbit in IMAX so me and my boyfriend are going to go and see it tomorrow. We have got a buy one get one free, Im so excited :D

congratulations! i am also on day 31.

im on day 39 now :o) this is an 8 day old post

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