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Woop Woop Day 4

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Hello everyone,;)

Another wonderful morning , day 4 smoke free, still feeling on top of the world.

Plenty of diy to do today so going to keep myself as busy as possible. really slept well last night.hope everyone else is doing fine.keep strong. we can beat the nico demons!!!.

Lots of love ali xx

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Well done on reaching day 4!

Good plan on having things ready to keep yourself busy, I found thats worked wonders for me.

Keep it up!

Lottie -x-

Ali bubs... you sound good today and really cheerful...

Go girl..... now if i don't get my skanky **** off here i really will get sacked!!

L8r girls...keep smiling xx

Hi Ali :D

Big well done to you on day 4 and you sound really happy and cheerful, keeping busy as well

Keep it up you're already over half way through the forst week


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

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Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi there Ali,

Yep, it's a lovely day. Good stuff with the DIY jobs, I've got a few of them building up too - maybe I'll get around to them sometime soon!

Keep going - keep strong. And keep smiling! :)


HI everyone good to be in day 4 still.

nearly ended up back in day one. a friend rang me dinner time in bits her husband had just been made redundant and when we had finished on the phone a really bad desire to have a cig swept over me ,even got the baccy out ready to roll but a voice came into my head saying (do you really want to be at day 1 again) NO NO NO.end of crave......

thanks to sal glad your keeping your eye on me ha ha.thanks to everyone else too.so pleased i found this forum really dont think i would be where i am today without it. every day without a puff is precious . my breathing feels better all ready.certainly feeling the benefits of not smoking.

just was so shocked by that big crave coming from nowhere.

lots of love ali-bubs xx

well done... see how well u handled that crave it dont matter that u was tempted... u still said no.. u beat it well done and the fact that you are already beating it means your be able to continue it.... keep it up xx

Thanks jewls 26

Feeling loads better and so pleased i was not tempted back to the nico demons.

Just caught me unaware but thats nicotine for you. im just learning different ways to get through different situations day by day.

Early days for me yet , but im determined never to give in again.staying strong.

lots of love ali xx:D


This is my third attempt to thank you for replying to my cry for help. Not sure how it all works but I suppose I'll get used to it adventually.

well done on your fourth day.

It's 4 days since my last slip so like you, I'm on day 4 aswell.

Stay strong

Hi Hopeful :D

If you want to reply to people who have left a message for you it's best done on that thread



Hi hopeful, thats fine ,

thats good we can go forward together to day 5 (tomorr) have to celebrate .Everyday without nico is a day to celebrate..:D:D

I have got a bad case of the munchies am eating anything i can get my hands on . Stay strong see you on day 5 tomorrow .

lots of love ali xx

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