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Oh dear. I smoked. The shame...

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Work night out.

Big drinking culture, so "obliged" to keep up with the crowed ended with me drunkenly smoking 3 fags. (Yeah I know, how *old* am I, letting myself be pressured into drinking?) Felt sick the next morning (not just hangover) - horrid stale smoke taste, and sore lungs. So embarrassed and let down.

I know it was a drunken blip - and I'm so disgusted with myself I know that it's helped to strengthen my resolve not to smoke. Ironic huh

Jeez. :o

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Morning Hokum,

I expect you feel bad enough without me having a go .. just to say thanks for your post - you are a week ahead of me in your quit and I shall be extra wary now not to let the nico monster influence me.

Now get back on that wagon and behave yourself!


Aw thanks Suze. That makes me feel a wee bit better - trying to see the positive in the negativity!

Definitely keep a check on that old Nicodemon - just waiting to catch you off-guard.

I started this quit with the NOPE mantra in mind (as it's what did for me last quit). Just telling myself I've only had 3 cigs. Doesn't mean I need to have a 4th or any more. Changing my mantra to NOPFNO (Not one puff from now on!)

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LOL Felic .. if you had one, 10 minutes later you would certainly wish you hadn't!

Think of 10 minutes from now .. and you haven't. Now how good does that make you feel ;)

alcohol and smoking

Hello Hokumpokum and all those tempted to mix nicotine and the dreaded John Barleycorn.

If you wish to stay stopped especially in the early days of your quit stay away from pubs and clubs. Alcohol actually is a depressant but for some reason or other makes us feel relaxed and lose our sense of reality. Result being a quitter, especially in their early days, is very susceptible to smoke again whilst drinking.

I also belong to another dealing with alcohol abuse and they have a very pithy adage "if you go into the barbers, odds are you'll end up with a hair cut" same applies to early days quitters when drinking.

So be wary of drinking especially in the infancy of your quit.

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123 Glasgow

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I think that's true Michael for those who associate smoking with drinking ie going out to the pub and smoking (even outdoors in the freezing, wet, scottish climate) but for those of us who like to have a wee glass of wine regularly then I think it's probably important to carry on with that .. and try not to turn in to an alcoholic in the meantime. :rolleyes:

I really hope you try again, and next time you are going on the beer tell us before you go and we will support you all night. good luck, :)

Shucks - this place is fab

I really hope you try again, and next time you are going on the beer tell us before you go and we will support you all night. good luck, :)


I love this place. Maura thanks for the offer of virtual hand holding all night! Nice to know there are a bunch of virtual "angels on shoulders" here helping us all to over-rule to devil on the other shoulder!

I did try to tell the guys I was driving, to try and not get in the drunken scenario. I've been massively anti-social for the last 2 months, since quitting, and this was a special event. Tee-total just doesn't wash in our 80's drinking-culture of a workplace. Don't get me wrong, I love everything else about my job - but finding that quite hard to deal with in the still early days of the quit. Will head back to my anti-social cave for the next wee while, I think!

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