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I smoked at the week-end


Well done to all you non smokers who got through the weekend without smoking. I should be celebrating with you but I did smoke yesterday :( . I feel so stupid and upset with myself. I was so focussed at the start of the week-end I don't know what made me smoke. I realise I can't change what I did. Some how I need to get refocussed and make a big effort to start again.

If anyone has been in the same boat and has some advice/tips I'd really love to hear from you.

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Heya Mumshack,

You are so not alone, heres rubymillers and vikings slip up threads! They both felt the guilt and pain but brushed their hands of it and carried on. Don't beat yourself up about it, what's done is done and now you know how it feels when you slip up, it's all a learning curve x x

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Hope that's helped x x Onwards and upwards mumshack x x

Buffy x

oh, poor you. Just think of it as a blip and get back on track today. You can do it. You will get lots of support on here. Just put the week-end behind you and think of today as a fresh new day.


Trying To Re-focus And Be Positive

I haven't smoked since yesterday and I am not going to smoke again...EVER. Up until yesterday I had done 10 days smoke free so I have knocked 1 day off my total.

Although I feel so stupid and very disappointed with myself, today I feel calmer and stronger and more determined than ever that the mistake will not be repeated. It's no excuse, but I found the end of last week really bad and all I can think of is that it got to a head yesterday and I gave in. I was feeling really low yesterday and I think that was my weakness. I've got to get back into my positive mindset and the determination to do it. I'm trying to think of yesterday as being a big mistake but I had to make, to make me realise just how stupid smoking is and therefore will help me not to repeat it.

Someone at work suggested that St John's Wart is very good for help moods/depression in those given up smoking. I would be interested to hear if anyone tried it on this forum?

Well done mumshack, such a positive way to go ahead proud of you x

I havn't tried St Johns wart but have heard great stuff about it, supposed to be good for depression / low ebbs etc

I would go for the St Johns Wart mumshack, nothing to loose!

Buffy x

THANK YOU all for your support

;) Thank you everyone for your support. I haven't told my husband as he would be really dissapointed in me, so it was nice to come clean to you all. In a way admitting to you all what I had done, made me feel like I could pick up my attitude and change it, rather than feeling guilty for days on end, then turning for a fag because all felt lost and gave up trying.

I'm planning on finding out more info on this St John's Wort as it might be what I need to keep me smiling :)


St John's Wort

Thanks for the advice. I don't think I will bother with it unless it's safe. I'll stick with my Rescue Remedy instead.

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It's a very valid point actualy, as is taking anything for the first time. Unfortunatly I am a dive in head first kinda gal, wouldn't advise it though galacticcactus.com/forum/ht...

Think I should spend more time pm'ing Boudee for advice :D

Buffy x

Hi Mumshack - don't worry about a minor slip-up, I nearly did the same myself on Saturday! In fact, the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I couldn't find any cigarettes! (Well done to boyfriend for hiding them from me :D )

I'm using Rescue Remedy too - it's great isn't it? :p

Rescue Remedy

Yeah it does seem to help, although not sure how many your suppose to take within 24 hours. I found the pastels so I've been taken them as they are easier to take than the drops. Glad you didn't find any fags at the week-end as you'd be feeling depressed now rather than proud that you didn't give in!:D

Its good you didn't beat yourself up.

Congratulations on not beating yourself up, and sticking with your quit.

Three people slipped lately, three people still not smoking. I believe we are showing the world an awesome display of willpower. You can do it, and I'm with you 100% of the way. I have had to up my guard because my cravings are all but gone, but now I am fantasizing about that one ciggy that tasted so good. I have to keep telling myself about all the other things that come with it. We can do this.

Love your willpower and determination!

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Up The Non Smokers!!!!

Thanks Vike for the support. I know it seems a bit a*** about face, but I think needed that fag to prove to myself that it wasn't as nice as I had made it out to be and really it did nothing for me. I found that the cravings get so bad that you fool yourself into thinking smoking is something in reality it's not. Hopefully I won't feel this way again, but if I do then hopefully I will deal with it differently. How long now have you been a non smoker? I've seen all your postings on the webpage.

I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel that way

I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel this way. Don't get me wrong I shouldn't have smoked, but I did and by doing so I learnt a lesson and that is that I don't want to smoke. I did feel depressed and upset that I gave in, but by posting my slip-up on this forum it has actually made me work out what had happened and now I don't feel upset that I gave in, it has just reaffirmed my reasons for quiting. Hopefully Mrs255 is back on the straight and narrow.

The only thing I have been wondering is that will I go back through all the cravings and moods/depression again, or will it be like continuing my journey of being a non smoker? Does anyone know?

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